Rate the song *PERSON ABOVE GAME*





8.5/10 I mostly liked it. I wasn’t crazy about the voice, and the music wasn’t that exciting, but I suppose its overall mood, as well as the lyrics, really made it work.


7.5/10. I like it, not my favourite of theirs, but i like it.


7.5/10 Their harmony is pretty good, and I liked a few of the verses.


8.5/10 like it.


6/10 Good music, but I didn’t really like the voices.


10/10 My favorite The Who song right there


9.5/10 Great song.


8/10 Very good.


8/10 I love the piano! I also like his voice, and the lyrics




8.5/10 Good stuff.


8.5/10 Really good.





Fifth Harmony I`m in love with a monster





Troublemaker by Olly Murs ft Flo Rida


5.5/10 Sorry, but I didn’t really like it.


7.5/10 It’s good, the guitar, vocals, and overall vibe. The ticking sound in the background was really annoying, though.



Although it’s not a genre I am familiar with, I can hear it’s a well crafted tune. I didn’t mind listening to it, although I wouldn’t sit down and listen to a full album.