Rate the song *PERSON ABOVE GAME*





6/10 not my type of music


10/10 I love Christina, this is amazing!


6.5/10 Not really my style of music, though it’s really upbeat and has a good vibe.


10/10 I love her and the music!


10/10 I loove this song and the piano cover is incredible!!!


I don’t even need to click the video 10/10 it has Jacksepticeye.


10/10 I love him!!!


5/10 good rhythm, not something I would regularly listen to


10/10 YESSS NATE!!


6/10 I like the beat but, never see myself listening consistently.


10/10 Yes I love this cover! I was just listening to it a few minutes ago!




9/10 I’ve heard this song, and I’ve heard this guys covers, but never his cover of this. I think I still prefer the female version of this song though.


8/10 I like the beat and his voice.


8/10 He did really well (the guy who does Moses)


5/10 It’s got a nice flow but not really my type of music




5/10 I like how quirky it is. But I don’t like the beat.


10/10 I love anything with Jack Black and this song is catchy af