Rate the song *PERSON ABOVE GAME*



6/10 it has good beat but, no feeling the spark


10/10 a very sweet song, her voice is gorgeous! I love Emirichu!


8/10 I love them.


9/10 I don’t usually listen to this kind of music but I really like that!


9/10 that was so cute and catchy.


4/10 It’s not really my style


10/10 I love this song and her voice.


0/10 I really don’t like Kpop


10/10 I love most songs on piano. They are just SO beautiful :heart_eyes:


8/10 It was good

BIG TUNES :fire::fire::fire:


6/10 it has good beat but, not feeling it


5/10 It’s alright, but it’s too distorted for me.


4/10 not into it.


5/10 IDK, there’s something about it I really don’t like. But I can’t quite place it.


8/10 I like the lyrics and the voices, something was a bit off but I liked it!!!

Don’t judge it on it’s fandom


9/10 The singer is talented.



9/10 I like it!!


8/10 I used to love this song! Haven’t heard it in forever XD


5/10 Not my cup of tea.


7/10 The instumentals are really good

Don’t judge it on the fandom