Rate the song *PERSON ABOVE GAME*



6/10 sounds like a song i would make people laugh with my weird dances

thought i d this song because i see you like rap


Not my cup of tea


8/10 Because that is my freaking jam, but was so overplayed. I was gonna give 7/10 but the video is freaking beautiful.

Fight me, it is Freddie merucury.




2/10 Not something I’d really listen to


Woah 8/10, I really love that song. It’s kind of dark but really good.

Also, Wattpad isn’t letting me put the link, but the song SUBURBIA by Troye Sivan.




8/10 I usually don’t like Korean rap but this one is pretty good.


6/10 It’s okay, I suppose.


not really a song i’d listen to. i don’t mind the beat i suppose, but not a fan of the singing 3/10


8/10 I really liked it


9/10 I really liked this song.




4/10 I’m not a personal fan of country.


8/10. I like it.


This is actually an 80’s remix of the original.


7/10 I like the style, just not feeling it.


8/10 l’ll definitely be listening to that again


6/10 I’m not going to lie this isn’t really the genre I like but I do like the meaning behind the words.


9/10 I really loved this song!


9/10 WOOHOO ATLANTA GA… ahem, I reeeeally loved that song