Rate This Teaser Trailer

We recently created a teaser trailer for our story The Dating Agreement and we would love to know others thoughts on it. Thank you very much.


Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxV1AJb_sVE

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It looks like this discussion is better suited for the Teen Fiction club and I’ll go ahead and move this for you.

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Katherine - Community Ambassador :katherinearlene:

This has a couple of my least favorite celebrities, so I’m afraid I may not be a very good judge.

Visually, I think it’s fine. The music works well for the videos. I don’t think Aria Grande represents your average (or even a little above average) teenager. She looks like a celebrity in all these videos, which I think takes away the more genuine feel of it.

I really liked it. It’s fun, cute, and interesting. I just believe the story line is a bit cliche, fake dating and everything, but either way I somehow like your trailer :blush:

I agree with Olivia Rose. It seems just kind of… Out of place