Rate Your Cover!


So far, it doesn’t seem that this on here. So I am making one!

I LOVE rate your cover threads. I love getting feedback on covers. It’s also a great way to see other covers in the genre!

How does it work?

You rate the cover above you out of /10. You also must provide feedback, not just a rating. It can be all praise, or all constructive feedback. But you must say what you like/dislike so the rating helps the author.

I’ll start with mine!


Just leave an honest rating out of /10 and some feedback on that rating!



I like it, though the font isn’t my favorite, still lovely though!




I really like how the rock tower gives it a looming effect. However, the font doesn’t look too good and the author name is placed in a strange section of the cover. Just my opinion, don’t want to offend :herb:



8/10 I like the picture used, but I feel the font color can be messed with a little to give a gradient feel to it, like shadows were playing with it. I also don’t really like the placement of text for the author’s name



9/10. the signature hidden is still visible, but it’s beautiful


Hi there (again xD)! I’d give your cover a 7/10. I feel like the cover will be more aesthetically pleasing if you remove the white borders and change the font to maybe like lato, etc. The image is quite nice and I feel like you can do a simplistic style to it. For a solemn title like ‘Tormented Souls’, the font style does not really go well with it. Again, that’s just my personal opinion ^^



I’d say a solid 8/10. It’s lacking the author’s name and so looks more like a poster rather than a cover. I also wish the font was a little more opaque, but I think in general it’s a really nice cover!



I love your cover. Especially the font and the shape of letters. It’s simple but so eye catching. 9/10

photo Bloodline Loveline_zpshrid1m2j.jpg




I say 7/10. I am a photographer so I’m just critical, the photo is a little blurry.


10/10 love it!!! So mysterious and dark.


9/10 very pretty but where is the author name?


8/10! I really like this one. There’s a darkness about it, and it makes me want to read the book!


Umm… Someone didn’t post theirs after rating so… Here’s mine I guess



Okay, well-meant criticism. The writing at the top is so small that it won’t be readable when you use it as a cover on WP. I checked out your profile, but couldn’t find it, so I can be 100% sure, but 99%. The woman in the front is blurred, which I think is not what you want for a cover picture. “Being” intrudes on the woman’s face, which I don’t like. Try putting it a layer behind the woman so that it actually feels integrated, not plastered onto the picture. I think your cover lacks a topic, a mood. Also, she looks pretty much like a boxer, which confuses me a little unless she is a boxer as well (though the title suggests otherwise).

I’d rate very poorly, so I won’t rate. I think there’s a lot lot lot that you can still work on. I hope the feedback helps you improve :slight_smile:



It’s a great cover and I love it. The title fits well with image used. The only thing I didn’t like was the font above your name. It took me forever to realize it said, “A ring apart.”

Also…dang! That’s going to be the most awkward family get togethers!



8/10. Really eye catching with the colour use of the title and the red colour of the font, which really matches with the girl in the background. I feel a lot of a fantasy vibe with this book, if it isn’t I’m sorry but that’s what I see when I look at it. Great job!

Here’s mine:


Thank you! I didn’t really think that far; after all, I know what it’s supposed to mean. I’ll see if I can fix that, otherwise I’ll just run with it, the title is always next to the cover on WP after all :smiley:


9/10 I really like this cover. I like how the words are different colors and fonts. They also match the girl’s dress! The only thing that slightly even bothers me is the top of the photo just feels so empty, so it throws the weight off a bit. If that made any sense…

Here’s mine…


It completely makes sense! Thank you very much. It’s just I was planning to write this book as a trilogy and I’ve already made the covers for all three and all the titles only fit at the bottom but other than that I would have definitely put the font at the top! Thank you for your feedback!