Rate Your Cover!


8/10. Love the background picture.



8/10, Very cute, looks like a good read, but maybe change the font and add some filters. Just my opinion, still a great cover.

This story isn’t actually published yet.


8/10 I like the simplicity and the font. Black is my favorite color so I like the boldness of the font color up against the black background. It draws my eyes to the title and it would be one I would pick up to look at the back to see what it was about.


8/10 I like the harmony between the title of the book and the picture, and the fact that the face of the model is not apparent, it leaves space to mystery so it’s nice :yum:



6/10 I’m not the biggest fan of the fonts you used, I think they’re a bit simple and plain - the whole cover is. I’d select a thicker font and blend rainbow-colours into the font, rather than making each letter a different colour. I personally would also center the two gentlemen a bit more, so their heads are closer to the top. Then you could place the font where their bodies almost touch. I like the little quote down there though, I think reading an interesting phrase on the cover makes the story sound a lot more interesting. It’s the ‘little’ extra that, if written well enough, contributes A LOT to whether the book is going to be read or not. I hope this was helpful - I don’t mean to be rude or mean!

The Valley of Kings:


If you need someone to make you a new cover, I happen to have a cover shop that may be of use :slight_smile:



Excellent cover! I really like the layers that are present in the image and none of them are overbearing or clashing. The text is simple and easy to read. If I were scrolling, this cover would definitely catch my eye.


Alright :slight_smile: If you ever change your mind, you know where to find me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I already posted my cover, but I still wanted to say your cover is really cool! It looks freaking professional! Go you lol


I’d rate it a 6/10, it doesn’t really look like something I would read. I feel like the blocky letters kind of ruin the title.



7/10 the font doesn’t fit in my opinion, it makes the cover look odd. The blending of the layers looks great, just odd choice of font. I would check out the blurb though.



Thank you so much! :kissing_heart:


I don’t know if I’m correct but the word ‘first’ seems to not have the same font size than the other two words. Maybe it’s an illusion, I don’t know :wink:


It’s a super interesting visual for the front cover and the minimalism works with the short story concept. If i was nitpicking i’d say the words are place a little awkwardly but it’s a difficult illustration to work with. Good use of texture though!

I’m at a loss between two covers.
Sorry about two covers i just don’t know what to choose!


9/10Definitely the first! The phrase raises a question though: what does him building a hotel have to do with her wanting an island to be safe? I mean having a hotel on an island doesn’t necessarily make it unsafe. - Other than that I love the cover! And its about the cover so the phrase thing is just something I was wondering about :blush: It catches the readers attention much faster than the second one on the bottom!



Suggestions: Put the jellyfish into their black bodies. I think that’s going to look amazing :3


7/10. I think the text at the top is way way too small for a wattpad cover and doesn’t add anything style-wise. Also, in my experience, bright covers are a lot better than dark one’s, and this is way too dark :confused: maybe you could use another picture and then put the dragon in there?


8/10. I love the cover component in general and I like how you blended the text a little so it mixed with the background. Personally I think it could be better if you could move the word experience up a bit because it’s too down at the bottom. Also the font is quite hard to read (colour wise.)


Solid 9/10

For me it was the shine on the lower word “Prey” and also the blood splatter that I personally don’t like. Otherwise it is a fantastic cover that is sharp and full of style. I absolutely love the shattering dragon and would pick up the book to read the synopsis just for that alone



7/10 Hmmm. I’m one for simplicity and this is simple and attractive. Just can’t say I can get a feel for what the books about, which is important. It may be just me though…