Rate Your Cover!


6/10. The font isn’t the best one and the blending on the top makes their heads seem chopped. And you didn’t put the author.


7/10. I don’t like the author’s name at the bottom, it just doesn’t quite fit in. The title on the wall is pretty cool. The cover gives me quite the neutral feeling, which is why I’m not going to rate it higher. I think it’s really good, but it’s not too attractive, I guess.


7/10. The title was a little obscured by the busy background. Too many different fonts going on too. Love the fox though!


It’s one font, so I don’t really get what you mean :confused: I agree that it’s not clearly visible, though.


Ooooh 9/10 I love this because it’s simple (which is good, since in braille people wouldn’t see all that anyways) and catches my attention.



Really? Oops. The letter ‘e’ in fennec’s and mate looked different so I thought they were different font. Sorry about that.


Thanks! Yours looked amazing. I assume the book is about fallen angels?


Hmmm I guess so? Hahaha I don’t want to spoil anything lmao but I mean yeah there’s a fallen angel in it but that’s not really the plot of the story - if you get what I mean. It’s a paranormal romance :slight_smile: I would post the blurb for you but I don’t want to hijack the thread.


Well. Guess I’ve gotten one part right. Lol



I personally just don’t like how the guy is blurry. But everything else is fantastic. I love the burning wings, I love the clouds and the color, and I love the title and the lighting on it. It’s very, very eye-catching! Also, I like the font for your name. I’d totally look at it if it were in a bookstore.



Your cover is really pretty and simple, I like it, especially the colors. But for me, it’s a little boring and I’m not sure that red thing in the middle is supposed to be other than blanket. Maybe I’m just stupid? I don’t know. And I would prefer if the title’s font was the same size in both words Judge’s and Vanquish. Not sure if you understood anything about my explanation due to my poor english but anyway, I’ll rate it 7/10.

Here’s mine:



@emliarad 8/10 Simple, clean, artsy. Nice. My only critique is for the image of the model and the author name. The former looks a bit blurry around the edges, as if the model is moving. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. As for the author name, I would raise it up a wee bit and bold it so it’s a tad more obvious. Otherwise, this is a nice cover.

This is my cover for my NaNoWriMo project. (Has elements of both Romance and low Fantasy, where do you think it belongs?)



8/10 it’s a bit too much for me. But I think the font fits amazingly well and you did a really good job overall.


I can’t see it so I have no idea what to rate it. I guess I’ll give it a 7/10. Looks quite nice, but needs some improvement.


Here’s mine


I like the simplicity of the colors in the cover as a whole. If I would change anything I would say make the title stand out a little more, maybe make is bolder since your author name kinda takes away from it. 8/10


I have three different story covers I kinda need a rating on, any criticism is also highly welcomed. Thanks!


I think that they are all pretty simple which is good but I think that the photos need to be better quality. Rate 6/10

Here mine!


I like the simplicity of it. The borders and the fonts are also a nice contrast to the picture.
I would like it if you would brighten the picture of the girl that’s crying? The shadow effect you have on the overlaying photo isn’t really noticeable because of how dark it is.


I’d give your cover a strong 8 or 9 / 10. It really Showcases the vibes of your stories so the Reader knows exactly what they are in for, however the top part of the title in white is hard to read because of the leaves in the background. Aditionally, I would probably choose a less pastel colour but rather a darker red like blood for the main title, but thats just my personal preference. Something I like a lot is the wolf which one might not notice right away but that just sort of creeps into your mind the longer you look at it! Well done!

This is my cover: