Rate Your Cover!


9/10 Supercute :slight_smile: Ahem, nothing to add technically. I am a schmuck in graphics department.

There you go, my best efforts:She%20Kills%20Elephants%20and%20Men4%20small


7/10 not a big fan of the background. Maybe another color than red would be great, I don’t know. The photo is great, though.



This is a great cover! Objectively it’s a 10/10. I think it looks completely professional and seems to really drive home the mood of the novel. I think it accomplished everything that a cover should. It’s really well done!

Okay for mine, I can’t tell which one I like more. I am really, really torn between the two:





Oh hey, you’re the author of Judge’s Vanquish! I love where it’s going so far. :heart_eyes: I’m waiting for your update!

Ahh, so I’ve gotta say that I personally like the second one more because I’m a sucker for roses and object-based covers. (If you choose this cover, perhaps you could go add a white outline of leaves with their veins around the empty corners, just to create interest and a frame. It seems like Devil and Penelope are in two different colors, with the former being brighter. Not sure how I feel about that.) But looking at the covers with a closer eye, the second one is more generic in the sense that it could have any sort of plot–the cover tells me practically nothing about the story. Whereas in the first one, we, of course, have what our assumed MC looks like. But I notice the constitution-y background, the decayed roses atop her hair, her dated clothing, how stiff her posture appears, and the distant yet pensive expression she wears. I love all this attention to detail! Between the imagery and the title, I’m clued in on that this may perhaps be a story that involves love and death (I’m thinking Persephone/Hades), with a character that loses her mind (?) to the devil. This tells me a lot more, yet still leaves much of the story untold.

Now, let’s talk about the graphic. I would personally bring up the saturation just a tad, not too much that it takes away that ‘dead-fog’ wash from the graphic but enough to draw the eye to it–especially the text. It’s a good idea to have the word Devil in red text, places nice emphasis, and I think that that blood red can use the saturation boost I was talking about earlier. Again, this is my opinion and if you feel that it ruins the dreary mood, ignore it. On that note, I prefer the color scheme of the second cover with the roses, I find that it draws my attention due to the depth and vibrancy of each color, not to mention the contrast of shadows in the roses. Also, I’m not sure how I feel about the alternating emboss. Lastly, I’m not too crazy about the splatter effect, it looks over-done and I dare say messy. I would set the opacity down or blend it–subtly may work better. But overall, it’s a neat cover–I’m just being hella picky. 7/10 on the first one and a 9.5/10 on the second one cuz favoritism. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d be happy to elaborate/follow-up if you would like me to.

Here is my cover:


Thanks for such a detailed feedback!! It’s a story I am working on for when I get about a little over halfway with Judge’s Vanquish, I want to start publishing it. This helped a ton!!! I’ve got lots of ideas now!!!

And it should be out soon! I am working on it at this very moment!! :smiley: It’s finished, just editing it now!! Thanks so much for mentioning it! You definitely lit an excited fire under my butt for it! Haha


Oh hell yeah! Let that fire get you working! I’m super excited for the chapter–omg, you know the judge ? I’m soooooooooooooo hyped to get more info on him, it’s killing me. Seriously hoping this update will satisfy that! (But it’s totally okay if it doesn’t, I’ll just wallow until the next part.)


Haha oh my gosh this serious got me so stoked!!! I had no idea there was such interest on Judge Troy :smiley::smiley: He is one of my favorite characters I’ve made so far, and I love writing about them. And we definitely get to see more of him in the next chapter!!! I’ve got some favorite scenes coming up in the next few chapters as well. I got a lot of them in this story, actually, haha. It’s so much fun to have this kind of excitement! It feels like my story is coming to life! :smiley: Hahaha Thanks for showing your enthusiasm over it!!! :smile::smile::smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




9/10 I think it’s adorable! My only suggestion would have been to have pains under growing and centre it but the black and white cover would make that impossible "/ However, still adorable, still loving it!



8/10 I like how ‘Roots’ fits to the plants and everything around the girl but for my taste there is too much going on in the entire cover, it seems a bit ‘full’ if you know what I mean. :relaxed:



9/10 because the way your dragon leans into the background Very well done!

Her is an old one, very well done!

It is so tiny, omg. Here try this:



I’m not sure what you’re talking about with “full”


Plants are everywhere. I personally would like the cover better if there were plants solely in the frame, not also in the background, it’s a bit too much green for me. It’s hard to say what is more prominent in the photo: the girl or the plants. I’d maybe dull the colours except for the girl so you have a clear fore- and background, or enlarge the title so that pops a bit more into focus.


8/10 I think that your cover is very creative but that it’s missing something.

Here’s mine:



I love the way the colors and cast combine together in it.

Here’s mine (slightly NSFW):



I think the text could be centre better. I do love the font for ‘perfection’ and the image ;D



9/10 The font works really well with the image, although I’m not a huge fan of greenery.


Thanks! The story is nature based, so it seemed fitting :slight_smile:



I really love the look of this cover. The only complaint is the red vines look really out of focus. It sort of ruins the crisp look that makes a cover professional looking. But I love it otherwise.


For anyone that follows this book too…bout to release the next chapter soon! :smiley:


It made me check out your profile and add it to my reading list. It’s the kind of cover I will click on.