Rate Your Cover!



I really like the font you’re using! And the image is cute. But maybe the font could be a bit bigger? And is the image supposed to be blurry? But it’s nice!

Here’s mine:
(the image is better and larger if you press on it :blush:)


Oh wow thank you so much!! :smiley: That’s the best news about a cover ever!!!


your welcome



There actually isn’t much I would’ve changed, your cover is quite nice! I only took one point off from the full 10 because it would look better smaller if you had left a bit more space around the texts.

Here’s mine:


9/10. This is a beautiful cover and I love the images. The author name text is great but where I’m taking a point off is the title text. I’m not exactly sure what I don’t like about it, but I guess it feels too “sharp.” Maybe making the outline a tad thicker would help.

Here’s mine:




7/10 It’s cute and I like the simple font but there’s a lot going with the pictures so it kinda confuses me on the true genre but still good.



I love dark covers, so this might just be my bias, but I’m giving this one an 8/10. I love the mystery the darkness and shadows pose and I love how “Diamonds” stands out in its own font, which immediately caught my eye. I thought it would’ve been cool if “Diamonds” was the only word with its own font, while the rest of the words were more uniform, but that’s a stylistic choice. Overall, I love the cover.

Cover for Grey



Rating: 6/10
There’s just something about black and white covers that I love, however they can be hard to do as it’s all in very similar tones of color and that sometimes makes it harder for the motif to stand out or for the depth of the image to come across. I really love the font that has been used with the quote up top - it looks very professional and movie poster like. I also adore the font of the title! However I would be careful with the dark tones of it, so it doesn’t fall too flat.



6/10 It leaves a lot of black unused space from the photo point of view. Also maybe it would be worth mentioning the author name or pen name.

Here is mine


7.5/10 it looks great, but I would maybe make the subtitle a different color to make it stand out a little more


9/10 I love the simplicity of it and the color choice!


It’s cute cover but for my taste, a little too pinkish and I’m not sure about the font choice. I feel like the picture was chosen randomly, without putting much thought into it. I am probably wrong but that’s what kind of vibe it gave me 6/10



7/10 – nice concept but the execution needs some changes. The image looks grainy and the author name is toooo close to the bottom of the image. Really interesting image used, but go back and make sure you save it as a high resolution so you’re not compressing the image and making it look low quality. I really do like the font that you used, it’s so pretty!
Mine is a lil bit more history focused, but the genre is romance >.<


Honestly, what can I say but it’s amazing, it’s not the type of book I would read personally, but it is a beautiful cover and very eye-catching too. Great Job 10/10

Lol, some of it got cut off but I think there is a way to view it fully, please do before making the rating :joy:


I love your book cover! It’s quirky and eye catching. It goes together really nice due to the colours all complimenting each other. I’d definitely give it a 9/10 because I’m a sucker for pastel colours and Romance Stories!
Here is my book cover -




WOW, IT’S AWESOME! Really, I like it so much! I like how you put words, and font(s) you used! It’s very eye-catching! Great job!

Here is mine:



9.5/10 It’s almost perfect! The only suggestion I would give is write the author’s name a little more to the centre and a different font too for author’s name. Something cursive maybe? Cursive fonts go really well with a font like the one you have used for the title. You can try out Lobster, Buffalo Nickel, Letter Helen etc.


Not bad. I would maybe add a border in red, just to make it a little less dark, but overall it’s great. 7.5/10



7/10, nice and simple, strong awareness of colour and composition, great photograph

not too keen on how the author name is handled though. a simple name, a bit larger, would have been enough to nail that simplicity theme

title font could be a bit larger, and the text itself could be placed in such a way that it doesn’t look like you shoved “melody” on a separate line by pressing enter