Rate Your Cover!


I would comment on yours as your comment seems to be the last one in this thread but I can’t really see a cover… so I’ll comment on the one above yours and hope you don’t mind. If you’re still gonna post your cover, I’ll gladly rate that one too if you want. Just a heads up!


as this is in the romance thread, i don’t have a cover to post from that genre, but i’ll still be here rating other covers and helping people learn the tricks of the trade


6/10 I think the font is very plain. I’m not such a fan of it, the whole cover is kept very simple. It’s nice, but without intending to sound mean, I wouldn’t really ‘pick it up’ based solely on the cover. It’s not really intruiging enough for me. But that’s just me!



no worries! We all have our own opinions :slight_smile:


9.5/10 The artwork looks absolutely amazing and the font looks REALLY good as it matches well with the background and the white dresses. That is something I really look at when I judge a book on whether to read it or not. The whole thing altogether really intrigues me and I would definitely read this book! I feel like the very bottom of the cover is sort of spacious because of the bottom ending in white. Other then that, fantastic job!:+1:



6/10. I’m just not really feeling the cover. It doesn’t pull me into the story.


Here’s the cover for my book Breaking Eden which now has over 77K reads!



6/10 I don’t know, I don’t think the title is in the right color, because it is unnoticeable, and the author’s name should really be in a different font.



7/10 I like the concept of the cover but I would prefer for the roses to be bigger and I could do without the heart, just the roses and an eye-catching font would do u wonders. Also it’s hard to notice the writing at the top id suggest a bigger font



8/10 I really like yours. Everything matches really well together.

(I don’t think my cropping is on point but it’s centred on the actual book)


6/10 I like the colors, but the picture is blurry, and the author’s name is hard to read, but it looks interesting :grin:



5/10 - It’s nice for YA/Teen Fiction or Chicklit, but doesn’t give me Romance vibes at all!


Lmao! That’s what I thought I literally have no idea why I posted it in this section. I was brain dead :joy::joy::joy:


So is it YA or Chicklit?


it’s Teen Fiction I think I posted the cover on that thread too, I [probably posted it on here because it has romantic parts but that’s it.


9/10 Nice cover the images could be a bit sharper less pixelated I like the black, grey, white, complex !



The font isn’t exactly my favorite, and the alignment is a bit crooked (because of the hand). The picture is nice though.

Here’s mine :smiley: (this is the best quality I found :frowning: )


I love the texture of the font reflects the story itself, and it juxtaposes perfectly with the image. Perhaps maybe if the title was shifted downwards a bit it would be perfect! :slight_smile:



this cover is so meta


Haha is that good or bad? The cover sort of fits with the story so I thought it was a good choice.