Rate Your Cover!


its neither, its just meta: (probably)a book, within a book, within a book, on a book cover


I like it. 7/10. Simple yet nice


mine is a romance with a mystery twist


8/10 I like your cover. The wording at the bottom may be hard to read but other than that it is great :relaxed:


7.5/10 only because the word mermaid (on the sleeve) simply pokes out too much.



I give this cover a 9/10. I absolutely love the colors and textures. The way everything overlays on top of one another is really nice, too!



Ooh I love your fonts. 8/10



I give your book cover a 7/10. The title of the font is stale in comparison to the image you used for the cover and doesn’t quite harmonize with it. The font is also too big and stretched out, I’d shrink it a little and choose a different font style that goes better with the art. Another thing is the second font below the title, is that part of the first title? Because it looks distracting, rendering one to focus too much on that part and not on the title and author’s name, which is the most important part. I suggest if it’s part of the title, to at least make them the same size or not such a huge difference in font size. Example: the first title is 36 font size but the second part of the title is 32 font size instead of 24 font size. Understand? Another thing is why separate the Capital letters so much, it doesn’t balance well, which is why you should change the font size. Lastly, the art is very pretty but it’s a little blurry and noisy. I’d reduce the noise and adjust the contrast.



Thanks so much. I hope to find a designer to rework the details.


Make a request to one in this community. Your welcome :blush: happy to help.


I’ll give it a 7.5/10 it’s a good cover but maybe the title font could be different and the author’s name smaller without the @ at the beginning of it.



Please rate and also tell me which one looks better


Thank you for my critic, that does sound like a good idea. I love both covers but I think the second one is deeper and speaks more with the title.


You’re welcome and thank you :grin:


Hi, I like the second one too… I could see myself beeing that person sitting… a very captivating picture… the writing also matches to the cover… 9/10 :wink:



7/10. I think the image is quite distrating from the actual text. I would suggest using 3 or less fonts to make the cover. It makes it look professional. Just my opinion, though I may be wrong.


7/10. I love the photo you used and the color scheme of the cover. It made me quite intrigued what’s the story is all about. It gives that angst-y vibe that promised a reader that they’ll be in one hell of a ride. :hugs: However, I feel like the subtitle is quite big and the spaces between them should be reduced. I also feel like the two words, Crimson Love, is too far apart. I suggest, maybe you reduce the font size of Crimson with the same size as ‘Love’? And one more thing, all the texts should be on the center. I hope this helps and not offending in any way T.T



8/10 I love how unique and eye-catching it is! It’s very comic-book-y and fits very well to the title since the red background is very prominent but the title is too. It’s just eye-catching!



7/10: I love the font it fits amazingly with your background. The dragon is eye-catching as well!


The colours are beautiful, the image is beautiful. However, I wish the font was more legible. It’s not so much the font itself, more so the placement. Can’t really make out the word above Crimson Kisses. And even then, I think the letters need to be brought in a little more.

Also, (this is just me being knit-picky) but the author’s name is slightly slanted and that just bugs me a bit. Overall, it’s a beautiful cover. I’d give it a 8/10.


Honestly my eye goes right to the “cover by sublime”


Honestly, I know what you mean but it’s Amidst Crimson Kisses so the cover maker put the model amidst the words. Her work is definitely amazing and thank you!