Rate Your Cover!


Yeah, shes the cover maker, but the title is Amidst Crimson Kisses!


8/10; it definitively sells your main story and immediately catches the eye, but maybe move the title up just a bit so it isn’t partially hidden behind his head.



8/10 I really like it and my one wish is that the title perfectly matched the color of her lips :heart:

Here’s Mine:


8.5/10 This cover has a very simple colour palate to it, which is very pleasing to the eye as having too many colours may confuse the reader. The title is a bit cut off so I don’t know if that’s intentional, as well as that, maybe make the author name a little smaller if that is the real cover because it’s more eye catching than the actual title. But other than that I think you should use this cover. It captures the title very well!!! Good job :+1:


Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: For some reason the upload cut off the title but it isn’t cut off on the actual cover in Wattpad.

For yours I like the top choice best! I’m a sucker for anything with a reflection and I like how the girl is part of the title. Very unique!


This cover is so pretty! I love how the flowers flow around like her hair! 9/10


8.5/10 Simple but effective! I like that the word ‘love’ is the same color as the flower. This cover caught my attention. Very nice!


8,5 for the first one. I love the feeling it evokes; it gives me some kind of nostalgic chills. Also love how the girl is the I, but now that I think about it, it might be a little unclear she’s part of the title when you see the cover in miniature.

7,5 for the second one. The skates are a bit too much for me, I think. Love the title font, though!

This is mine:


Hey guys, I’m really happy to find this thread! I have been struggling to chose a cover for my Novel, and I hope this will help me.
I have three possible covers, so I’m going to rate three posts above me, I don’t want to feel like I’m abusing
So : esimmonswrites
Love the pic, love the colors, how the word follow the arms…
Just the top text could be a little bit more readable
I also thought that the title was cut and things weren’t centered, but when I clicked, it was perfect!
Great job overall


cover 1: 7/10
I like the pic, but its quality seems kinda low. Also, I think the girl would read more and an ‘i’ if she was wearing white, like the letters of the title.
cover 2: 8/10
It looks darker than the first one, like a Harlan Coben or something. I like it! I like the font, but the lack of spacing between THE and ICE bugs me



I like the pic, its quality, debth and all, I like the simplicity of you cover overall, but (and it’s a small but) I think there should be a little spot of color, like the flowers on the napkins for instance, or maybe the title, I don’t really know

So, here are my covers, please, don’t hesitate to be frank!
Just for context, it’s a historical romance, late 18th, with mature content



I really like the first and third one. If I have to pick, it’d be the first, though. Little more captivating to me, but I like what you’ve created. 8/10



I love the clear image and placement of the title, quote, and author’s name :slight_smile: 9/10


i like the placement of the tagline and the title against the backdrop! i also appreciate how the other words are in a lighter font so the title takes focus, but how they’re still visible against the gravel! i must admit that the cover reminds me of the posters i see in my school’s guidance counselor’s office, but other than that, im a fan! 7/10


(also sorry about how it looks lmao, the border’s not in the cover but without it, it kinda looks weird in the post haha)


7/10. The title and picture are kind of at odds with each other, but it might be what you’re going for. I’ve read your book description on another thread, and it’s really amazing. I think that this cover will sort of take away from it. Maybe modernize it a bit more?
(P.S. I’m gonna read your book. It seems really different and interesting!)


(I love the second). <3


ahhh thank you!! tbh i just wanted to find like aesthetically pleasing pictures, and i liked how the two angels could stand in for the characters! thanks for the feedback tho, i appreciate it a lot!!!


I think your cover is lovely, which I’ve mentioned before. I always like grayscale or black and white covers for some reason. I think there might be a better font for it (maybe ‘vega’) but I love the image and background.



I’ve made a good sixty covers for this book. Someone is the process of drawing one for me, so this one is temporary.


8/10 I like it. It’s simplistic but ties in with the title.


Here’s the cover for my book Breaking Eden.