Rate Your Cover!

little bit too much text
(i tried my best)

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First um why is this in the romance section lol :slight_smile: It seems like a horror book. I think the red in the font is too harsh and should be faded out. Love the spooky vibes though.

7/10 to be honest, this one left me slightly confused. I like the top of the cover, less the bottom.


6.5 out of ten. The cover does the job of telling me what I would be getting into (looks like romance- probably chicklit or teen fic), but the font is the same as fifty percent of all teenfic/chicklit covers! Same with the cage cover art, but I do think that the general vibe of the novel comes across!

8/10 I do love and hate Nostalgia feelings and the cover is not bad it really describes the title


mines poor quality but it’ll do

why does that look so much like mark tuan


this is so pretty! the cleanness of it makes me want to read the book!

9/10 Love this cover the colors and background goes together perfectly and I can clearly read the text! :smiley: I love the little subtitle too.

Heres mine made by the beautiful witchoria!



9/10 I love your cover, it’s really intriguing and different :grinning:


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7/10 - I don’t care for the image going through the text, it makes it a little straining to read right off the bat. Perhaps a text affect might make the word “of” slightly more clear <3

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Pretty straight warward, the only thing I think should be fixed is the text font/colors. Maybe put a dark background?



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i like it. It’s very mysterious.


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I feel like it’s a little unclear what the actual title is, but I like the visual of the text sort of dragging across the page in a way, and the sort of gloomy background… 6/10!



I’m still writing on this story and it in Norwegian but thoughts?

You have to rate my cover first! xD

5/10 I like it it is simple, and the burned cigarettes tell me a lot about the plot.


6/10 I like your imagery but there are too many fonts and not enough white space.