Rate Your Cover!


little bit too much text
(i tried my best)

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First um why is this in the romance section lol :slight_smile: It seems like a horror book. I think the red in the font is too harsh and should be faded out. Love the spooky vibes though.



7/10 to be honest, this one left me slightly confused. I like the top of the cover, less the bottom.



6.5 out of ten. The cover does the job of telling me what I would be getting into (looks like romance- probably chicklit or teen fic), but the font is the same as fifty percent of all teenfic/chicklit covers! Same with the cage cover art, but I do think that the general vibe of the novel comes across!


8/10 I do love and hate Nostalgia feelings and the cover is not bad it really describes the title


mines poor quality but it’ll do