Rate Your Cover!


I remember seeing a post like this a while back, but it has officially disappeared and I’d love to start it up again!

How does this work?

Just rate the cover above you out of /10 and don’t forget to tell them exactly what you liked/didn’t like about their cover!



I would say 7/10. The title and image don’t really feel like they have much in common (unless that’s the MC’s name, which I’ve used). The author’s name also feels like it’s in hiding. Took me a while to see it.

Mine is a romance, but is currently labeled as a teen fiction since I’m not sure what the outcome of the relationship will be yet. But I’m going for a general fiction/ chic lit feel for the cover and am currently having one custom made, so this is temporary.


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I would give it a 7/10, if you are going for chick lit, I think it’s really good! Really fitting for the genre. The color combination is a little tough on my eyes though (the text at the top).

My book is a romance focusing on the mental health of my main character. She is trying to learn to better love herself and enjoy her life while battling her mental health. I wanted my cover to reflect the hopeful side of her.



I wanna give it 7/10. The title and background are awesome. I haven’t seen anything like that before. It’s really unique. But the faces you put on the cover, their expression is somehow seeming awkward. There is a gap between the cover and the faces, you can put the author name on the gap.

My story is light science fiction. It set on the future. But it doesn’t focus on technology. The story mainly focuses on how the earth’s weather is and how much changed the world in the last hundred years. The story tells how life changes for three scientists in one year.

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6/10; I like the subtle peek of the Earth in the background, but the bright blue glow is a little bit much, hehe. Also, you have a typo in your headline; change “happens” to "happen.

My story is a LGBT romance set in an alternate universe future with the main character being the hidden heir to the throne of the richest country on Earth and his journey to becoming the crown prince. It’s sort of a Princess Diaries-esque coming of age story but involves being in a romantic relationship with a prince from a neighboring country. Political intrigue, suspense, and some fun thrown in there!



8/10 - Leaves no doubt that it’s a about 2 gay or bi guys. Maybe it’s my eyesight, but the one arm looks weird. Perhaps it’s meant to be.

The OP didn’t specify if our cover had to be by us or if it could be by someone else. Mine was done by another member.


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8/10 It’s simple and effective, quite steamy as well I suppose.


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I would 7/10 because I don’t really know what to expect from this story with the cover.


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I rate it a 9/10. It seems like an adult romance. A little simplistic.


9/10. I really like it! The only thing that I don’t like as much is the beige color around it, but it’s okay and I think it gives it a vintage vibe. Also, I love your title!



I like it. I can see the theme you wanna have, but I would maybe change the font for the title. Just to make it stand out even more. 7.5/10



8/10 It looks like a cozy read! I’m not sure how I feel about the slanted quote at the top though.
The Writer and the Rockstar

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I like the mood that’s portrayed with the collage going on. Perhaps had a bit more to the text and the color to have it stand out! 6/10



I think it is really cute. It looks like a Chicklit/YA novel, right? It would definitely catch the eye of some young girls with that!



Covers are TOUGH. haha

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Good Chicklit cover. If you end up leaning more toward romance or drama I would jazz it up a bit. :wink:

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Super cute! I’d suggest changing the font of the tagline so it’s easier to read and doesn’t compete with the title!


It is a romance, but for some reason I like chicklit covers and general fiction covers so much more. I kind of can’t stand most romance covers for some reason.

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Thank you! Yes, I changed it the other day (up on my profile)

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