Rate Your Potential Story Idea

We all have some story ideas in our head that we hope can turn into a story someday. Here’s how this works. You post the idea you have. Make it a paragraph at the most. Someone else will rate it and explain why. Maybe, they can provide tips on how to make it better. Once they do that, they’ll post their idea.


Person 1:
-I have an idea for a story where a guy claims he’ll never fall in love. The next day, he meets a girl and has a strong connection with her.

Person 2: 8/10
-Sounds like an interesting idea. I’d be interested in seeing how this guy’s views change over some time. Why doesn’t he want to fall in love in the first place?

-I have an idea for a story about a guy getting a job…

I’ll start.

I have an idea for a story where we take Romeo and Juliet and set in in modern-day South LA. It would be a gangster story.

8/10 It has a lot of potential, though that depends on what you so with the story. I’ve seen a lot of modern day takes on Romeo and Juliet, though when done well they can be really great. LA sounds like an interesting setting, and the whole gang thing would add a lot of tension.

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This is quite a neat idea. At first I thought this was going to be some kind of horror thing but as I read on it has peaked my interest due to the element of mystery around it. The setting is quite unique too and it would be quite fascinating to know why these sisters in particular all share these abilities.

Atropos: Without a Trace is set in the year 2098 in the city of Atropos (West Antarctica) which was built as the go-to area when the majority of Earth became uninhabitable due to global warming etc. However, now most of the human race has moved on to colonise Mars so those left in Atropos are kind of hanging around until they are forced to leave. Crime is extremely high there since criminal organisations are taking advantage of the lack of police resources in the city. The two main characters, Ida and Doug, are detectives in the narcotics department and are investigating a new drug on the market which has killed hundreds in the short time it’s been around. They are then privately hired by a dying billionaire, the richest and most powerful woman in Atropos, to find her son who she thinks is now involved in the business after he went missing a few decades ago.


9/10 This could be a really interesting dystopian novel. In my mind, I see two dystopias clashing with each other. I think it would be interesting to see what Mars was up to.

The history of the Sadie Hawkins Dance is not very interesting. It originated from a comic strip. In a very inaccurate story, we learn who Sadie Hawkins was. Sadie helped start a movement during the era of woman’s rights.

Interesting idea. I’m not really sure what to make of it… 7/10

A tale of self-acceptance in a world where everyone has wings the color of their sexuality pride flag and horns the color of their gender pride flag told in the eyes of a transgender teenager, who just happens to be the child of two of the last homophobes.


8/10. Would be an amazing and interesting story, yet I dunno how people will take the abusive actions the parents have for their teen. It is a controversial topic that could be bad if even one thing is wrong with it.Also, transphobia is different from homophobia so if they have no problem with trans then the teen should just have to hear them yelling at random strangers about their sexuality, which would also be dynamic

A world where soulmates are the only humans who can reproduce, and everyone has two lifetimes to find their soulmate. Scientist com up with a way to find soulmates called the ‘red string project’ and the first test subject finds theirs heading to outer space.

I think the conceptual idea is a fine motivation, but the idea needs a lot more fleshing out. The soulmate status would need to be explained and the 2 lifetimes as well considering these are terms that could mean a variety of things. As for finding soulmates scientifically, that idea sounds a bit…odd to me. I say that since we don’t really have a good standing on what a “Soul Mate” is nor what happened to humans to lead to a status where that’s the only method of reproduction. The concept can work, but it’d require some fleshing out and some proper explanation.

It technically is an entry in a series I want to write, but I’d like to pitch the idea of this specific entry since it’s the one I’ve thought about the most.

The premise is a planet covered in a ruined city that stands with huge skyscrapers. The city is empty save for random oddly disfigured robotic creatures that have some manner of hive mind, but their controller or whatever has perished long ago.

Something about Calliumer that’s rather dangerous is that out of nowhere, sirens around the ruined city will begin to sound. This signifies a ten-minute timer to find someplace before gravity itself shifts. Those unfortunate to be in the clear or a weak building will find themselves falling into the sky to their deaths

The story follows this group of 5 who are called the “wardens”, who watch over the rest of the people (made of many species) on this planet who are in stasis. No one knows why they are here or when they came. What each one of them have in connection with each other. All the Warden’s have for protection is an arsenal of some strange technology, presumably from the world this place “Calliumer” one was and for guidance an instruction booklet containing instructions on how to manage things, grow food, and the role of the wardens. They seek a means to get off this planet. However, there is a rule told in the instructions that there can only be 5 wardens at a time and whenever someone dies a random person will be selected to wake from stasis to take the dead one’s place.

The story follows our main character, who wakes up from stasis according to the rules given. He’s promptly told he has replaced a former warden, who died. As our main character gets used to the role, tensions grow strenuous. Some information that it wasn’t simply death, but a murder begin to show and everyone begins to worry and suspect.

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9/10 This could be really good! I think the setting is very interesting, and the plot itself has a lot of mystery and intrigue. Though the setting is cool, I was a bit confused… are the survivors and robots in the same location, or are they outside and sneaking inside where the others are located? Otherwise, really cool concept.

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(You forgot your own story idea)

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(you forgot your own story idea too)

(Oh I didn’t do one yet. I’m waiting for an idea to rate…)

(In that case, feel free to rate mine)

In a world where the production of artificial humans has been deemed illegal, the fabrication of life-like androids known as Sentients has devolved into a black market business, with robots trafficked and mistreated for the sick desires of criminals. One Sentient, a young clone made dangerously aware of her manmade nature, fights back against her oppressors on a mission to free innocent people both human and not from sexual slavery and rediscover the life her original human form once lived.

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9/10 Pretty cool…depending on how the story is carried out and how the characters are written. How will she fight back, and where would the people she freed go? If the government disapproves of it, can’t she just tell them what’s going on and where? But yes, I would be interested in reading the novel.

A high school girl feels a strange connection to a boy beneath the cherry blossom tree within the walls of the shrine. But that’s not all that’s strange. The boy has long, snow white hair and cloth bandages over his eyes. Despite his appearance, the girl finds herself visiting him every single afternoon, and even helping him with chores around the shrine. Her feelings grow little by little with each visit, but the boy states that he cannot leave the tree.

Before long, she begins seeing strange figures and shapes that others cannot. Bad luck shrouds her like a thundercloud wherever she goes. An accident involving the death of her friend. Her apartment burned to the ground. Could any of this be connected to the boy beneath the cherry blossom tree?

I’d give it a 2π/10. There is some mystery in it, which is good. It sounds very anime inspired. It can be very good or very bad, depending on how it’s written. I do miss a little conflict in your plot.

(This is actually part of an extended superhero universe I thought up, but I think it is fine for a standalone or kick off for said universe)
The story plays in the future (around 2055). A global outbreak of a man-made virus about 25 years ago gave a part of the population some traits of animals(rather minor mutations) and many babies born after the incident are also born with animal traits (bigger mutations, because they developed already in the womb). These peoples are called Hybrids. In the country where this story takes place, there’s a lot of “racism” against them and they are living mostly in slums, separated from the normal humans.

The protagonist is an officer in a taskforce against crimes commited by Hybrids, but secretly, he is smuggling innocent Hybrids out of the country to find a better life. One day he finds a small girl on the streets. She is one of the few second generation Hybrids. He takes her in and wants to help her, but soon he realizes that she is being followed by an organisation. He decides it would be best for her if she left the country. But then he is being framed for abducting the little girl and every police officer is looking for them. The men from the organisation always seem to find them. And so he struggles to get her to safety.

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(Person after me, rate the idea above this post)

Yeah, I think I’ll add more conflict. And think about the plot a little more because so far I haven’t XD. Thanks for your feedback!
Quick question: Does 2π mean 2 x π or 2.1415926…?


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7/10 Definitely intriguing but sounds a little too familiar. I’m getting some Zootopia and District 9 vibes from this given the blatant anti-racism themes but it also sounds like it could make way for some really cool worldbuilding and likable characters. And the anti-racism themes could still be incredibly effective and thoughtful if handled carefully. Definitely interesting, but make sure it has a few twists and quirks of its own to make it stand out better.

Deep into the future, long after humanity has gone extinct, robots taking on the traits of humans rule the world. The poor still feel emotion and pain while the richer, more advanced bots feel nothing, claiming emotion is what destroyed humans in the first place. However, one group of intelligent bots have a mission: to recreate and resurrect a human being. Eventually doing so, they find out that bringing a human being back to life may lead to a repetition of history and eventually their own doom, gaining the attention of the far superior bots on a mission to make sure humanity stays dead…

6/10 This could be perfectly used for social commentary. It is definitely unique, but doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense. If the superior robots think that emotions is what destroyed the planet they would have annihilated the robots that have emotions long before. And you said they are “resurrecting” a human. That sounds like magic. Do you mean cloning? And if so, that means that the human is mentally a baby. Also I really doubt that the environment would be viable for a human after this many years. And the way you wrote it, it seems like the emotionless robots are the heros.

As for what you said about my idea: the thing that comes to your mind when I say racism is Zootopia or District 9? I rather thought about real life examples. Racism is a theme frequently used in fiction, but I in so many ways, that you can’t say it sounds “familiar”. In fact, in my idea even babies of “normal” people can become the subject of racism, and that possibility is not so often explored in stories (though not unheard of. I think about x-men). Also, that theme of a racist society is just a world building technique. You also wouldn’t say almost every fantasy novel sounds “familiar”, just because it plays in a world with elves, dwarves and other magical races, right? I’d say my idea has more of a “Logan” feel to it than a feel of “Zootopia”.

But enough of that. I have a few other ideas.

A young man wakes up in a Fantasy world and soon realizes that it’s actually Purgatory that has been taken over by elves that defeated the forces of heaven and hell that previously ran this place. They are keeping the population in the dark about that though. When you die in purgatory, you go back to where you have been spawned first. A demon in the form of a young woman tries to overthrow the elves and recruits the man.

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8/10 Sounds really interesting, especially the twist that it’s purgatory instead of a entirely mythical world. I also think the manipulative lies of the elves in unique, and a different reason for them to be in control of the world. This has a lot of potential, and the world could be immensely fascinating and if the motives of the elves are well fleshed out, that as well could be very interesting.

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I would find it more interresting if they were not kidnapped, but agreed freely to become test subjects for the program. They’re homeless, so it’s not that far off.
As for the rest of the story, I personally think there won’t be enough conflict, though I can be mistaken if it is really well written. I’d love to see one of the characters trying to get back into the VR, and him having a philosophical conversation with another character on his reasons why he wants to go there.

In the future, computers took over the government and now everything is optimized. The people only learn what they need to know, everybody has a job, they have much free time, but even that time is orderly. There are no wars or hunger, but also no literature, art or original music. Everybody is happy, because they don’t know any other life. The protagonist is a girl that started work in a retirement home, the job that was decided for her when she was young, and she enjoys her life like any other person. In the retirement home she meets an old man that secretly collected old books and music. She enjoyed reading up on these books and soon begins to see her superficial world in a different angle, getting herself in trouble with the law.
With this story I’d like to pick up some themes of books like “1984” or “Fahrenheit 451”.

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