Rate Your Romance Title!



Hello fellow romance writers! :slight_smile:

Saw this in another genre thread and thought, why not!

Post the title of your book after you rate the title of the book above yours. Rating is 1-10 and please give a small reason as to why you gave the title the rating that you did.

I’ll start us off!

Behind Closed Curtains


Rating: 8
Why?: Interesting title. I would definitely click on it because I don’t think I’ve really seen that title before. It feels mysterious and possibly, a secretive romance story?




Makes me curious, like it might be a fun friendship to read. It’s visually a little awkward, but I like the sound of it.

Life, Love And A Little Coffee


Ooh I like this game! :smiley:

9/10 I love the alliteration, very soothing and fun to say out loud. Catchy, and I feel like I can almost visualize the cover from the title. Nice! It gives me a feeling of like… kind of a slower, contemporary style.

How to Solve a Murder and Fall in Love


9.5/10 Oh heck yeah! It reminds me of Legally Blonde II, in which Elle passes a law and plans a wedding. Hehe. Definitely gets me interested enough to click. I did expect a modern-time detective action though, while the book seems to be set in the Victorian era.

Beast within the Beauty


It’s definitely slow and contemporary!


The person above me didn’t post a title. It looks like a comment.

Here’s my book title.

Breaking Eden


They did. You’re responding and rating @Bemythyst before anyone can rate yours.


Done, nothing here anymore😂


Please follow the rules of the thread or your post will be deleted. Also, a description of your plot is not needed as it kind of defeats the purpose.


6/10 I like it! But it seems common, the use of beast and beauty in a title. But I’m sure it adds a layer to your story!



I really like it because it’s short and snappy, and it definitely intrigues. Although, I did have to search up what it meant, and only an Urban Dictionary definition came up — it seems to not be an actual dictionary word? That may hinder an understanding of the title, and often not understanding a title can drive people away from a book.

The Debt



I am for sure intrigued! You’ve done well with catching the readers attention to wonder what the story will be about. I say 7.5 though because it isn’t anything super unique.

Unlawful Temptations


I like where you were going with it, it sounds like a romance that shouldn’t happen, but is too irresistible to not try once. I love those kinds of romances. I did think it was a bit of a mouthful to say though, but frankly, I don’t see how that really matters. It’s a superficial judgement, because I know a lot of thought and time goes into picking a title for your book, and I don’t think it’s possible to really know how 'valuable" or “good” a title is, unless you understand the true meaning of the story. I mean, if Stephen King posted on here his title name “Carrie”, I’d give it a 3, because it’s unoriginal, not knowing that it was one of his best known works of all time, regardless of the title. So Unlawful Temptations, I applaud you. Great job!

My title is Grey.


Thank you!

Also, of course more goes into a title than just the words themselves that make up the title, but this thread is to give off first impressions, if it captures your attention enough to read through to the blurb, etc.

For instance- and I am not rating yours officially- your title Grey immediately sends my mind to 50 Shades of Grey and is a huge turn off. BUT your novel probably has nothing to do with that series.This thread is to help us authors see what kind of first impression our title- regardless of blurb, characters, plot that go into molding the title- gives your potential readers.

NOTE: Her title still needs to be properly rated for whomever is next.


It’s very… grey :joy::joy: I can’t tell what it is going to be about but for some reason, 50 Shades of Grey screams at me. I would like to have some knowledge to what the book is but not something too obvious. Your title is transparent but still interests the reader.
Okay so I saw your book cover and now I give the title a 9/10 it compliments the cover well. I guess I needed the cover to get a clear view on your title.

My Title:
Meet Me At Noon?


5/10; It doesn’t say much about the book, and the question mark should be left off

Here is my title (word of warning, my book is mostly fantasy, but it does have elements of romance in it :smile: )

The Legend of the Moonflower Princess


It is intriguing, but at the same time it is sort of vague. Readers will just have to read and find out why you called it that.

Here’s mine: "Always Your First"


The title makes me want to know more, for sure! I’m guessing it’s a romance story with a possible dark past or secret involved? Sounds like something I would be into, regardless. I counted off on the score only because i didn’t find it to be super original. A perfect score would be a little more unique and distinctive. All in all, it’s a classic title.

Fantastic and Dreamlike


7/10 To me the title doesn’t really seem like a title. Fantastic and Dreamlike feels more like the feeling the book may have while reading it, if that makes sense.