Rate Your Romance Title!



My book is called Breaking Eden. It’s a dark and twisted romantic thriller


Hmm, I like it, it gives off a bad boy feel 8/10.


Before You Came First


5/10 The title itself is not only confusing in its phrasing but it also makes me think immediately about ejaculation lol I think if you want to keep the tone of this title you don’t need Before and First. Just one or the other. :slight_smile:

Here’s mine:

Seducing Danger


Lmao :joy::joy::joy: I didn’t know it gave off such sexual vibes thanks for the feedback.


No problem! That’s what these threads are for :slight_smile:

  1. I like the ambiguous meaning the title evokes. I’m thinking of a taboo relationship maybe even one between a criminal and officer. Well, my second thought isn’t pg13 so it shan’t be written here. Forgive my dirty mind. I like the title a lot

Please, be brutally honest. I won’t mind. If it’s trash, let me know.

Color Me Blank

  1. This made me laugh so hard. I can’t even imagine what it’ll be about. It really piqued my curiosity.


Please follow the rules and reply to the person you’re rating so we know who you’re talking to. Also, you can only post one title so please chose only one and edit your post to delete the rests.

Thank you.


Aww, sweet. Precise and sugary like a warm hug. 8.


Thus sounds like comedy mixed with mystery and action and good old romance. 8.


You’re very welcome. Thanks. I’ll do that right away. (^^)


I give this title an 8/10. Giving me sexual vibes, which I LIVE FOR. Short and simple; catches your ear. :slight_smile:

My title is:

Meet Me at the Metro


7/10 I like it, but in my opinion, it isn’t something I would read from going off the title alone.


The Truth We Hide From


7/10 - It sounds really angsty or heavy, and maybe even a bit like a mystery/thriller… I prefer either fluffy or sexy in my Romance.

My title: Coverage


That totally makes sense. That is actually what I am going for. The title is meant to describe a feeling. Thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile:


7/10 - Slightly too ambiguous? I am intrigued though and it sounds like it could be very sensual haha.

Mine: Us Before Them


7.5/10-- The title is somewhat basic, but I am intrigued by what the title could mean. It makes me curious on to why us should be before them

Mine: Dear Future Husband


8/10 Super adorable, I’d totally read it based off the title.

My title: Wandering Hearts


10/10 it sounds very poetic and at the same time sort of tragic. i like it!

My tittle: Wattpad Letters: A vintage twist into a modern love story



The title is very long. It feels more like a description but I like the contents of it.

My title so far : Bittersweet