Rate Your Romance Title!


Short and sweet, I like it!

(Mine’s a Cinderella retelling just fyi)




Sounds very fitting.

Sorry no more title from me lol

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Oooh… I agree, 9/10 perfect, spot on for a Cinderella retelling. :smiley:

(Victorian romance)

The Perils of Presumption

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It fits for a Victorian theme and has a nice ring to it

Change of Heart



I like it but it seems like it could possible be a popular title.


My book is called Breaking Eden.


I’ve read several books with similar title, yet they never fail to interest me.

My story is called Sugar



I Fell In Love With My Doctor


5/10 Sorry, it’s just too basic.

Letters from an Angel.


4/10 Sorry,. it’s just too cliche.

Survival in a New World


Maybe 6/10. It sounds too much like Sci-Fi or Mystery, even High Fantasy paired with lot of action.

My title isn’t English and I came up with two fitting english titles

As good as word for word translated: Falling in love is (not) an option

Rather a translation for meaning: Careful or you’ll fall


9/10 for Falling In Love is Not an Option. The latter sounds more sinister.

As Long As You Love Me

Yeah, I’m aware its a Backstreet Boy song but the lyrics fit the plotline




6/10 - I went to read the summary and I am curious as to from whose pov (Zari’s or Gabriel’s) the lyrics are from. That said, while the lyrics can fit the plot, I am not sure if the title itself shows enough relevance.

My own trouble with the title is that now there is literally the song stuck in my head like an ear worm and I am not a huge fan of that song.

As for my title to be judged: The Will to Serve

to be honest, I am not a huge fan of the title myself. I came up with it on the fly and never went back to revisit.


7/10. The title has the potential to be attention grabbing, just depending on what the story is about.

My title: Games You Play


Thanks! It is a dominance/submissive story hence the idea of serving.


6/10 Doesn’t seem appealing, and i thought the correct way would be The Games You Play

My Title: Golden Boy


8/10 - for some reason this makes me thing of a teen romance. Something with a star athlete and a nerdy love interest. It’s different but I like it.


My title is.

Breaking Eden


10/10 for my name :+1:

Tomorrow Land