It’s one of those rating games. I have not seen one like this yet. There was once an aesthetics rating thread in MDC, but that one seems to have died…

So I’m making one here :smile:

(this is my first time making one of these rating game threads so if something needs fixing in the rules or whatever, let me know :slight_smile: )


  • Always comment and rate the aesthetics board(s) above you from out of 10 before posting your own. (example: 6/10)

  • Up to THREE aesthetics boards at a time AS LONG AS it’s from the same story

  • Specify genre and type of aesthetics board (character, setting, etc.) when posting.

  • Don’t be rude or mean or judgy just because you don’t like the genre.

  • Aesthetics boards can be ones you made or had made for you. (If someone made it for you, make sure you credit them.)

  • Photos of erotica are not allowed.

Aesthetics boards rating should be based on if it’s pleasing to the eye, if the photos come together nicely and seem related to each other, if they seem to follow the genre, color balance, and maybe text placement/font choice. And, of course, if you think of anything else, feel free to mention it :slight_smile:

Tagging people who I know have made aesthetics things before:



Let’s start:

Genre: YA fantasy

Character aesthetics board


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please offer any constructive criticism

You have to rate the post above when you post your own.

9/10 i think its pretty mesmerizing and it gives of a subtle dark and magical vibe

Love this! I’m a bigger fan of aesthetics layouts without the border around the pictures, but all of your colors go together superrr well and I love how mystical it seems

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Feel free to post one of yours’ and the next person rates @LillianaGrace

:sweat_smile: i did



9/10. I absolutely love the color and how well everything goes together. The only thing I would recommend is maybe adding another text square or maybe making it a 3x3.

Character board; fantasy



I know, I saw :slight_smile:

8/10 Nice :smiley: The colors match very well with each other. Just the last row, the pic in the middle is hard to see and to tell what it is. Maybe something clearer? I can’t tell if it’s supposed to be people fighting or chasing each other or what.


Mine: Character board, fantasy


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Why is this not turning out :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe there was a reason why no one made a game like this before.

5/10 @TheTigerWriter You can tell what the story is about and everything is matching, it’s sadly just not my type of thing with the blood and knife. Also the black borders are too “big”… And I think that for the genre it could use an even creepier look :slight_smile: It just doesn’t look too scary to me, too :smiley:

I have made character aesthetics for all my main characters. Here are two of my favourites from my first story :slight_smile:
This is my main protagonist, she is a princess who escapes from her castle to the “real world”, where she finds freedom, friendship and love. :slight_smile: (The lemons come from the name she takes after escaping, “Lemony” :D)

And this is her best friend, who is a literal sunshine, loves to sing and write, and realizes too late who her real love interest is :wink:

I can taste the lemonade and ocean breeze on my tongue. An 8/10.

This is the first time I made an aesthetic board. It was fun

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click on the image

Yours’ are beautiful! :0 (compared to my mess, lol)

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