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Subject line: Read 4 Read

Hey! I’m new to wattpad and I just found out the read for read possibilities.

I will gladly read the same amount of chapters you read from mine, or more if i like it.

Leave at least one comment per chapter so I know the payment is done, and I will do the same!

The link to my story:

I will read any genre, so just drop your link.

Can’t wait to read your work ! :grin: :v:t5:

Hi there! I’m pretty new to Wattpad too! Yay for new and fantasy friends! I would love to read your work and for you to read mine! I just have two chapters up right now with a new one going up tomorrow.


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Sure I’ll read it! :v:t5:

You mind doing a read for read with me then?

So far it has 23 chapters and is still ongoing. But I get it, if it feels like too long. I saw that you have only been writing 1 chapter so far, that’s why I’m asking if you are willing to read a chapter of mine instead of them all. It should be fair, doesn’t it?

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No problem! :ok_hand:t5: I’ll read as much as I can, or all if it is my type! Don’t worry :wink:

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Hope you like superhero :wink:

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I sure do! :slight_smile:

Title: Reyna’s Salvation
Genre: fantasy: werewolf
No. of chapters (up to 10): 9
Focus: feedback for my writing


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Just msg me when you start to read my story:grin:

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No problem :ok_hand:t5::ok_hand:t5::ok_hand:t5:

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Together Forever

Liliana Evans used to babysit three young boys when she lived in her small hometown called Clarkson. She leaves Clarkson to only return as a high school teacher where she is teaching those exact same boys, except they seem different. A whole lot different. What happened to the sweet little ones that she grew up with and who are these bad boys that took their place?

Most importantly how will she survive with them claiming she belongs to them? Especially since she was engaged.

-Let me know if you accept my request

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Hey, I read the one chapter you have posted and commented on it. Can you read one of mine?
It’s a collection of short stories, so feel free to choose the one that appeals to you the most. Thanks!

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Hi there… Do you also accept non-English stories? :sweat_smile::grin::grin:

That sounds great. Give the word and I’ll get started.

Link to mine:

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Sure sure! that’s quite an intriguing plot !:ok_hand:t5:

Sure I will ! :ok_hand:t5:

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Haha, what language?

Sure, we did read each other 1st chapter before, but mine is completely different, so I would gladly receive your opinion while I read more of yours!