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Hello friends! I’m trying to get in as much reading as possible before my spring break ends, so I wanted to make this thread for those who would like me to read a portion of their story and give a critique/comment for each chapter read. I will do up to 5 chapters and add your story to my Read for Read list.

PAYMENT: All I ask is that you read my story Crown of Darkness (there are only three chapters so please read all of it) and critique mine as well! This can be chapter by chapter, or one review on the last chapter, whichever you prefer! Whenever I accept your request, you can begin reading/commenting!

Here is the link:

#of Chapters:

I reserve the right to decline a request if I decide to! (This probably won’t happen though, but I don’t really like smut so if any of that is requested I will deny).


Title: As Long As You Love Me
Username: Witchoria
Link: Here
Summary: Zari Davis flees Dallas after witnessing her fiancee cheating, with no clear plan on where she’s going. After flipping her Volkswagon Beetle, she wakes up convinced that the cute guy that’s been reading raunchy novels aloud while she slept is actually her boyfriend.

Gabriel Luna’s in a little over his head. After being guilted into continuing the boyfriend charade, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get Zari Davis out of his house and her family out of Parkers Prairie.

However, as their relationship intensifies, Gabriel quickly comes to realize that Zari may just be more than he bargained for, and maybe he doesn’t want to let her go.

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ACCEPTED! Sorry I should have included this, but how many chapters would you like me to read? I’ll do up to 5!


Five would be great, or whenever you start falling asleep :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Title: When the Singing Bird Sleeps
Username: authordisiac
#of Chapters: 3-4 (might post tomorrow)
Summary: As Bryn Quinby blogs to make up for her speech impediment, she brings readers on her coming-of-age journey that doesn’t start until Mr. leather jacket strolls into Literary City. Beginning and ending in Iowa, Bryn takes you from her whirlwind romance in college; to Salem Wisconsin, where she investigates The Sons of Abraham shooting; and all the way across the world, to Israel, as she becomes an established journalist… Everywhere in between, is Mr. leather jacket.

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Hi there,

Title: Descent
Username: @NicoleDonovan7
Link: It won’t let me post it
#of Chapters: 13
Summary: Harleen Quinzel is a smart, young doctor working at Arkham Asylum. She has worked with supervillains such as Poison Ivy, and the Riddler. But when Bruce Wayne insists on having her take on the Joker, will she be up to it.

The Joker, the Clown Price of Crime once again finds himself behind the walls of Arkham Asylum. His gang is already plotting to bust him out. Until he tells them to wait, that something in Arkham has caught his interest.

Come on a journey of two lost souls that the world has cast aside. Learn the real reason Harley loves her Puddin’. See just what turned the Joker into the heartless monster Batman claims he is.

Cameos By:

Poison Ivy
The Riddler
The Penguin
Johnny Frost
And Catwoman.

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I wouldn’t say my story is smut but it does deal with sex. Is that ok?


HI everyone
This is Rashmi. I am an Indian author and i recently published a book a month ago “As i stood on the cliff” will you guys pls help to increase my reads, comment it and give feedback to my story
i did like to know


if u guys like to read then i will share my links of the story


Yes! Honestly I don’t mind sex scenes I just know some stories get a little too much for me, but if you don’t think it’s smutty then it’s probably fine:)


ACCEPTED! I’ll read the first 5 chapters of your story:)


ACCEPTED! I’ll try and get yours done tonight:)


Okay just checking. I haven’t written any sex scenes yet since it only has 3 chapters so far.

Title: At Her Call
Username: JadEdenia

of chapters: 3

Summary: Lana Liu is just one semester shy of graduating from college and has just gotten an internship to one of the biggest entertainment companies in Los Angeles, Mega Works Studios. She thinks this will be her break into becoming a script writer. Unfortunately for her that job doesn’t pay the bills. An unexpected encounter with a beautiful and powerful woman leads her into the world of sex and money and hot older women. One thing she knows for sure is that college did not prepare her for this.


Title: Velvet Garden
Username: @murmurare
#of Chapters: Just 1 atm
Summary: Ash desires one thing - freedom. She drinks, parties, and lives a life without boundaries. During one night at the club, she is transformed and taken by a vampire who seeks to use her for his own revenge. Ash can’t resist the allure of him and his world, and soon falls deeper into his plot.


im down to read ur story as well if u check out mine




kk I only have one chapter, so I’ll just comment on ur first chapter


Ok that’s fine.


ACCEPTED! I’ll work on reading yours today:)

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