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ACCEPTED! I’ll try to get to yours today but it may be tomorrow:)


Hello! I realize your Spring Break may be ending today, so if you don’t have time to read my story, I understand. But if you do, here is the info:

Title: The Vigilant
Username: @BarefootAndFree
Link: Link to The Vigilant
Number of Chapters: 3
Summary: Pip has been called many things: orphan, thief, street rat. Often these names were shouted at his fleeing figure, accompanied by a variety of colorful adjectives. But when a stranger wrenches him from the life he knows, he is given a new name, one heard only in folklore. The Vigilant. An intelligence force answering only to the king, the Vigilant protect the kingdom from the shadows. But as Pip trains among these elite, he finds danger lurking within the very organization founded to guard the secrets of the kingdom. Not knowing whom to trust, Pip seeks to uncover the truth. But with an enemy trained to be unseen, unheard, and unbeaten, Pip will need to rely on more than his own skill to save his kingdom.



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ACCEPTED! It may take me a little while to get to your story, but I’ll read it as soon as I can!


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Hi, I have two stories published. Just choose which one suits your reading preferences. Im not sure which genre is your cup of tea since you didnt mention it. Anyways, im hopinh ill get accepted :slight_smile:

Title: Love Scarced
Username: @carikitty
#of Chapters: Two + Prologue
Genre: Teen Romance

Title: Torn
Username: @carikitty
#of Chapters: Eight + Prologue
Genre: R15 Vampire/Thriller/ Slowburn


Title: Of Sinners & Saints
Username: @paddycarr
Number of Chapters: As many as you like I will do the same for you.
Genre: Dark Fantasy.


ACCEPTED! I’ll read the first one:) I’ll add it to my list and get to it when I can!


ACCEPTED! I will add it to my list! (And I’ll read four chapters:))


Title: Schrodinger’s Child
Username: modestmeri
#of Chapters: 5 (please do some of the later ones; the prologue and the first two chapters are very comment heavy)
Summary: Meri, even since she was a child, has always felt invisible. Purely, completely, undeniably invisible. When her mother, tormented by the demons of substance abuse and mental illness, physically abused her siblings in her place? Invisible. When the other children at school taunted her and avoided her like the plague? Invisible. And later when she struggled with depression, forcing herself daily to go through the motions, even though she couldn’t find a single reason why she should? Invisible. All her life it has appeared that she is the only one who can see herself drowning. Maybe, she thinks, it’s not that they don’t see: it’s that they don’t care. The concept of Schrodinger’s cat has always resonated with her. Shove a cat into a box, hide it away from prying eyes, and suddenly it is both alive and dead at the same time. It’s there and not there, healthy and unhealthy, real and unreal, as long as it remains unobserved. This is what Erwin Schrodinger himself would have called an observer’s paradox. It’s so ridiculous, he argued, that it simply cannot be true. Meri knows better. She can’t speak for Schrodinger’s cat, but she has always felt that she is Schrodinger’s child. Living but lifeless, mature but childlike, an unobserved observer, she is trapped between two worlds that no person should ever have to inhabit at once. Adulthood is lurking just around the corner for her, but even so, she cannot help but wonder; if there is no clear fate for Schrodinger’s cat, then what-if anything-will happen to her?


ACCEPTED! I will get to you when I can and I’ll read all 5 chapters!


Title: The lightning Tyrant
Username: @SymonPude

of chapters: 3 (But more will be following shortly

Genre: Fantasy
The world is inhabited by eight magical races and powerless humans. Under the reign of the new Allmage, the kingdom had been in peace for the last 16 years. But now, an army of orcs threatens the capital.
The army drafts every able man to repel them. The story follows a powerless, cynical farmer that is drafted against his will.
This work contains much swearing.


ACCEPTED! I will get to your story as soon as I can!


Thank you. Is it possible for you to leave your feedback on chapters 3-8 , since the first few have lots of comments already?


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