Heya everyone! People call me eveningdownpour and I am sick and tired of seeing junk in the gay werewolf genre on here so I decided to try to do something about it! Even though my works aren’t the most popular, I’m very confident in my writing-related skills (editing etc.), and want to help you (yes you!) if you are writing gay werewolves!

Here’s an example of some editing I’ve done:

Medical student Drika van Meer investigates a child’s supernatural illness.

What kind of illness? This is so vague it makes me feel like they have the ghost measles. I’m sure you can describe it in a more exciting manner.

With help from her arranged date, she uncovers a conspiracy involving the Holy Imperial College, the Prince of Orange, and a mysterious sea creature with a taste for blood.

This has interesting details that want me to read more, but arranged date just doesn’t quite cut it. Maybe describe the arrangement of the date - “with the help of the hapless chap her father had set her up with”, or something of the sort, or maybe give him a name or defining characteristic.

More coming once I start editing some of your stories!

So, if you’re writing anything with gay werewolves, please feel free to drop a link here an I will definitely read & critique it! :slight_smile: I will either edit in the comments (by default), or if you would like, I’m happy to edit in a drive document if you link me that, or send a general critique through the message system. If you just want a read, that’s fine too!

I do not expect ANYTHING in return. I just want to make the genre a better place :smiley:

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Hello there!

Mentioning votes in your post is not allowed. Please remember to read the guidelines before posting: Critiques and Feedback Guidelines :blush: I am going to edit your post.

Thank you for understanding!


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Hi AuterZ,

The rule states pretty clearly that

Please Specify the payment required for your service, or note if critiques are free. Votes are not allowed as “payments” so please do not mention votes/starts/likes in your advertisement. Monetary payment and any off-Wattpad payment (eg. a follow on other site) are also not allowed in the forums.

My post pretty clearly did not indicate anything other than using the voting system the way it was intended. I never offered votes as a payment (I’m the one providing the service here!) All I said was that I vote on things I read that I like, which is not against the rules because all I am indicating is that I am someone who uses the vote system as it was intended.

Mentioning votes at all is not against the rules from any rules I can find. I request a response for clarification.


Hi there! I understand that you do not meant to use to votes as payment, but this part of the quote above is also a part of the rules, which is there should be no mention of votes/stars/likes in your service advertisement, such as “I will use vote if I like it” since it might cause misunderstanding that will lead to vote trading.:blush: Of course, you can use the votes system if you like the story, but there’s no need to mention it here. If you have more question, feel free to ask :heart:


I don’t really understand how it could be considered trading because this is a queue where I don’t ask for reads in return, but alright. I mention it because a lot of people don’t vote on things they’re asked to read and focus only on critique, and I was indicating that I don’t do that.


Does it have to be gay, or can it simply be werewolves, without romance altogether?


Has to be gay, sorry. Romance is what I’m looking for.


Gotcha :slight_smile:




Would you be willing to help with an awful one I wrote almost five years ago that’s completely unedited, fast paced and literal trash.


I wouldn’t actually do that to you it’s so bad and just needs to be completely rewritten


actually i would, send it over.

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especially seeing as no one else has anything for me lol

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Trust me just reading the first chapter makes me get a migraine but if you want to see how bad it is here it is:'s-mate-boyxboy


are you actually interested in like editing and rewriting it?


Yah I am.


But I honestly don’t even know if I would keep anything the same.


why dont you start working on a rewrite in a google doc and send the doc to me in pms?

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I probably won’t rewrite it until the summer but thanks.


Isn’t it summer now?