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I am accepting all genres except for fanfiction. I will read the first chapter and leave a comment on you book unless you prefer it by pm (specify which). I may or may not continue to read more chapters.

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Hi. I’d be really happy and grateful to have your feedback on my story. Thanks in advance!

Title: Earthenia
Username: MystiqueShadow378
Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Action
Comment: On Chapter




Title: liberosis
Genre: poetry
Comment: PM


Title: Beauteous Death
Genre: Dark Romance
Comment: PM or on chapter? Chapter (whatever is easier for you)
Side note: It’s a slow Romance story. He won’t find love until much later.






HEY! When’s the next update for Blazing Crimson?! :sweat_smile::rofl: I’m dying over here :sob::sob::sob:

Don’t let me wait a month :pensive: I’ll die before that happens ;-; If I drop my book for Read for a Read, would you be able to update faster? xD


Lol. I’m honestly so glad you liked it.

Unfortunately, I don’t see an update happening any time soon. I’ve been really busy, and considering that I’ve never actually written this genre in the past makes it a lot harder for me to actually feel pleased about my writing. Although, I may try to get one up by the end of February. Hopefully.

Thank you for reading and commenting on it though. I really appreciate it. <3


Take your time! I relate to being busy as well (as a full-time Uni Student). I also can understand writing a new genre. That’s Beauteous Death for me, I’m afraid.

I’ll be here waiting for when you update! Haha :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait!!!


Done :slight_smile:


Title: Spider Lily
Genre: Action/Suspense
Comment: PM or on chapter?: On chapter, whatever’s good for you. :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


Ah, nice. What are you studying, if you don’t mind my asking?

Thanks :slight_smile:




I am studying General Engineering. Once I’ve reached my second year, I’ll be double majoring and completing both General and Mechanical. :smile:


That’s cool. How are you enjoying it so far?


That’s awesome! I start college this fall :slight_smile:


Thanks for offering this!
Title: “Ezra Daili: Bound to the Devil”
Link: cannot put it since the Wattpad ambassadors are all up in my ass today lol, but you’ll find on my Wattpad profile lajolie_amelie
Genre: Fantasy (dark) and action
Oh and pls leave comment on chapter thx


I enjoy it! However, I was once majoring in Criminal Justice, so it’s a BIG step for me.

For instance, what is sleep anymore? Haha.