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LOL! As my Engineering professors told me last semester, One picture per slide, followed by short amount of texts within each slides, but enough for you to remember where you are (you do most of the talking), and provide a table or graph to back up your claim! xD


The feeling of finally finishing a research paper. Oh the bliss!


Alrighty :+1::blush: he won’t know what hit him lol


:blush: I can only imagine lol the most pages I’ve ever done in an essay is either 5 or 8, but 30 pages and 50 pages sound unreal



So, basically, to find FemtoSeconds with your age… Let’s take mine for instance (20):

You multiply “20 years” to (365 days/1 year) (24 hrs/ 1 day) (60 min/ 1 hr) (60 sec/ 1 min)
(1 fs/ 1x10^-15 S)

After putting that into a calculator and eliminating similar units, you will get “6.30 x 10^23 fs” :slight_smile:

Oooo! You’re halfway there! How does it feel to be halfway to being able to graduate and proceed further in your career?


I kinda get this!


:rofl: It sounds surreal, but it’s a part of college. As @nsjeuel said, the feeling of finally finishing a research paper is …MWAH!

Then, three days later comes the agony of waiting for your Professor to grade it.


The calculation is pretty simple! It’s actually Chemistry/Physics/Engineering in one problem! I can go further in my teachings, but as mentioned xD I could like— talking about it all day and never be bored of it. However, other people would be.


Oh honey, you will do a lot more than just one 30-page paper in college. One time, for the entire semester, I have to do a research paper. And my professor will only base our grade on that paper. That was gruesome. So, if I flunk that paper, I flunk the entire subject.


Crap you’re scaring me lmao


I HATE those kind of professors. Like… they would be the sweetest ones until they say “This paper counts towards 50% of your grade” like…jeez. It’s not like I have other classes :roll_eyes: Same professors would even give you more homework as though the research paper wasn’t enough xD


I’m not scaring you, lol. But that’s how college is. So you better be ready for those kinds of professors.


ALSO: word of advice, any research papers or essays you ever write in college or anything you type up, SAVE THEM! I guarantee you that they will come in handy later on! I sometimes use my old essays to give me ideas for the new ones. Or, some essays, I just edit and turn it in (still earning an A for it)


I know. I’m just so glad that I’m done with those kinds of subjects. And then, you have to report each part of your paper in front of the class! And then, they’ll ask never-ending questions about your topic! You just want to cry in front of your professor if you couldn’t answer one very hard question.


I feel this… I’m such an introvert. I HATE talking in front of people, yet my professors always pick me :sob:

I also hate the fact the professors act like you messed up somewhere in your paper (when you report each part of the paper) then like… not even tell you what to fix.


LUCKY for me, I am deaf, so like… I can pretend not to hear to avoid that situation. NOT always, but sometimes.


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You and I both. I also hate those professors. They don’t know our agony.


You use the factor label method. Thanks for the little math lesson. Strangely, seeing it makes me happy. lolol

It may literally be halfway, but I still feel like there’s a long way to go. You know what I mean?