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I personally believe they love to watch our agonies.


I know what you mean for sure! I’m about half-way myself but with all of the classes I need to take, it feels like it’ll be eternity before graduation comes.

I did use the Factor Label Method! I felt it would be easier to teach you guys in that way than what else could be written for it! Haha.

I’m glad it made you happy though!


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Just comment on the chapter :slight_smile:


They do! :joy: Sometimes I think they give us all those requirement just for their entertainment, and they play darts for our grades.


Exactly. Best of luck though, with your double majors.






Thank you! SAME TO YOU :smile:


Exactly! They probably go home, sit on their thrones, and cackle at our desperation in the emails.

I despise the ones who requested these 20 paged papers then… CHANGE THEIR MINDS AT THE END… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Like…That is pure agony.


I’m done :smile: I’ve read all three chapters. It was really good. Can’t wait for the next update.


You didn’t have too read the entire thing, just the first chapter. But tysm, seriously. Glad you liked it. <3


It’s a running joke in my Uni that they play darts for our grades and unfortunately, they still want the papers.
That’s harsh. You’ve worked so hard for the papers and they change their minds. :frowning:


It’s fine. I was having a great time. I love your book! :heart:


I was reading so much that I forgot to vote :joy:


No worries.:slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to reading yours.


It rarely happens, but when it does, those are the moments I plan their death. :laughing:

Hey, welcome to the boat! Now, we wait for the next update!! :smile: It’ll be like Christmas when the next chapter is up!


We can plan together if that happens. @arae please don’t make us wait until Christmas. Even so, I’ll still wait for it. :smile:


@nsjeuel @Abigail-Lynn0

Dw, not until Christmas.
It’ll be up by the summer if not earlier. As if that’s not long enough :laughing:


:laughing: Sounds like a plan!!!


completely missed this. Sorry.