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Title: Blood Rise
Genre: werewolf / vampire
Comment: chapter is fine.




payment completed :heart:


Title: The Melting Crown
Link: ^^
Genre: Fantasy
Comment: PM or on chapter? Chapter pls

I’ll go check out Blazing Crimson. :slight_smile:


That’s way too long, honey.


I just realized I bypassed the PM. I can delete it and switch if you’d like?

My apologies.




I know; I’d update sooner but I’m trying to stay focused on school for the time being. I may update by the end of February though, if things go well. That’s my goal.


If it’s because of school then, you don’t have to rush. Go and focus on your academics. I’m rooting for you! :smile:


I’d love to read your book, while simultaneously getting my brand new book out there :slight_smile:
Title: When Secrets Collide
Genre: Teen fiction
Comment: on the chapter


That’s sweet of you, thanks. I also wish you well in your endeavours.




Thank you, honey. :smile:




I’m caught up. Ty everyone.

All spaces are available now.






Hello there. How’s it going?


Not the best. How are you?


Hey, I’ve got one chapter I’d love your feedback on.

Title: Raising Hell
Genre: Fantasy/Humor ish
Comment: On the chapter’s good.

Let me know and I’ll jump on your story :slight_smile: