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Already gave a review of the first three chapters. I’ll check out the rest soon


i’ll do yours too, right after i come home from shopping :smile:




Done :smiley:


Thank you for your comment I will get to yours!


I only have one chapter up as well. Care to look at each others stories?

Read “In Search of Jericho”,


sure, i’m up for that! I’ll do it now :grin:


I would love some feedback on my story and am willing to do a read for read.
Title: Half-Pint
Genre: General Fiction

Please DM me if you’re interested! :slight_smile:


Hello I’m interested in doing a read for read :smile:
Title: Instantly Hers
It is rated 18+ contains sexual content and mature language.
It is a short story that is 9 chapters long and completed.
Its an instalove book.
The first time he sees her he knows she is the one for him. He saved everything for the one he knew he would find. All it took was one night and he was instantly hers and she was his.
Link to my story :

Thank you (:


Hi. I’m so sorry for the late reply. Curse my exams. I’m looking into your one right now. :smiley:


I would love to do a read for read with you! Once I’ve been accepted, I’ll check out what you’ve written :slight_smile: I have a completed fantasy novel titled Grounding the Storm that I hope you find interesting.
Summary: Roux Aimrey has powers. Powers that are dangerous and untrained, forcing her to keep it locked up tight. She never even thought anyone knew about her dark secrets until one stormy night when everything changed…


It’s okay I understand :smiley: thank you for the read


On it. If I don’t finis it by today, I’ll be sure to leave a feedback tomorrow first thing in the morning :smiley:


Please check out mine…


Sounds good! I’ll get started on yours as well


Hey girl

My name is Liv, it’s nice to meet you c:

I’ll totally read your book, I’m always looking for new reads. I’ll link mine below.

Title: Meeting You
Genre: Romance/Teen Fiction
Chapters- Just the prologue, or if you want to continue you can read the rest. There is only three chapters at the moment ^-^


Which one do you want me to read?


On it.


On it


Hi, I’m Jayden. I would love to do a read for a read. Let me know if I am accepted, then I’ll start reading yours.

Title: Neighborhood Monster
Genre: Romance/Dark Romance
Chapters: 8 (including prologue)

Thank you