READ FOR READ! All Welcome! (March) (Accepting 2-3 more!)



Heya! I’m offering a read-for read service! All of us on Wattpad aspire every single day to create the best work we possibly can and get it out there, but it’s never easy. I’m here to help make that a little easier, especially for you undiscovered writers out there :smiley:

One thing i should get out of the way super quick is that i’m a high school student, so my workload is tough, meaning my ability to read is kinda restricted. Don’t let that stop you though, i have my ways of getting around to it :slight_smile:

I’ll read up to seven chapters of your story and leave some general feedback on each. Story thoughts, comments on characters, stuff like that. I can’t manage much more given my workload. Sorry. You can ask for more critique style feedback if you like

Payment Time! As for the payment, sorry, i’m not a charity :joy: All i ask is that you honestly read and leave at least one comment on any of my works, preferably the same amount of chapters i read for you. The comments can be whatever you like. There are extremely long chapters though, If you get around to your side of the bargain first, i’ll match what you read, deal?

My works are fanfic, so if you don’t want to read open fanfiction, an alternative payment is a permanent follow. Don’t undo this payment if you choose it, and tell me if you will

ONLY Complete payment after you have been accepted. No reservation spots here

Link in case my profile doesn’t have it: The Profile

The genres

I’m partial to: Sci-Fi. Fantasy (All subgenres of) Acton/Adventure. Fanfiction. Poetry and Teen Fiction

I can read: Horror. Thriller. Historical Fiction. Werewolf. Romance

Genres i refuse: Vampire. Smut, Erotica, Paranormal
(Well, if your story REALLY catches my interest and its in these genres i might make an exception :slight_smile: )

I do hold the right to refuse stories. I’ll always provide reasoning as to why i refused so no-one wonders why i declined. Please refrain from angry responses and general harassment, even if i know you won’t just bully people :slight_smile:

Once payment has been completed, please tell me so i know how much to read of your story

Aside from that, i’ve laid the specs. Let’s do this! More importantly, let’s all try to support one another!

Happy posting :smiley:


Queue List: (Accepted Stories)


Hi @Arkotract! I have just started a new story - it’s only in its infancy at the moment (three chapters) but would love it if you could check it out and let me know your thoughts so far! :slight_smile:

The flowers are always in bloom at Edenhall Park…
[[This book is a Gatsby-esque, magical romance story in progress]]


Certainly! I can provide some feedback and thoughts for you. Accepted :smiley:

(Magical romance? That’s a new one :slight_smile: )


Haha, let’s see if I can actually make it turn out that way… :joy::see_no_evil:


I’ll take a slice of this action if it’s going!
Consider the following:

If you are willing, then so am I!


I’ve taken a look at your story and it caught my attention :smiley: Accepted! I’m willing to give your story a shot


Excellent, we have a accord!
So, is there any of your works you are particularly proud of which you would like me to read?


Indeed we do
Well, the first three stories if you access my profile through the link in the OP are my highlights at the moment. Take your pick.


Title: Our Hateful Love
Current Chapters: 5, updated daily
Genre: Romance
Username: MadisonKunzler
Summary: When feisty orphan Clarissa is sent to live with her godmother, she never expected to find a life-long enemy in Andrew. As years pass, the two can’t help but notice the chemistry between them…but they also can’t decide if that chemistry is love or a bomb waiting to go off.

My link isn’t working, sorry! But it’s the first story on my profile.


Accepted! :smiley: It’s all good, i found the story. I’ll add you to the queue, should be done by tonight
Sorry for taking so long, school got in the way. I’ll finish the story, don’t worry.


Can’t believe i’m having to bump my own thread…


Hi! I have a YA fantasy book if you want?

SYNOPSIS: Alaric Lamos is at the mercy of an unknown, dangerous world.

It started with his 18th birthday, and his sister, Iris Lamos, giving him a blanket eighteen years too late. Now, he woke up in a different place, and they feed him some creature’s balls. Oh, and they say Al’s in a magical world.

Regardless of what the ‘mages’ have told him, Al knows one thing. He needs to find a way home. Except, there seems to be some problems. Firstly, a pretty girl got transported with him. Secondly, the mages don’t know how to send them back, and, thirdly, some dark mages are out to get him.

Isn’t this just great?

If you like that, here’s the link:


Sounds good, seems like it’ll be a lot of fun to read. :joy: There are so many fantasy variations, it’s so interesting seeing how people write them :slight_smile: Accepted

Alright, now for some specifics:

How many chapters would you like me to read? (Up to seven)

Which payment method did you choose? (Read or follow?)

I can do multiple styles of feedback: General (just regular comments) or Critique (I’m very soft, i promise :slight_smile: )


Chapters: At least 3 (because the third chapter is honestly my favorite) and more if you are genuinely interested!

Payment: Will a follow be fine?

Feedback: Whatever you’d prefer. If there’s something you’d like to critique, please critique! Otherwise, general comment is fine as well!


Alright, got it. Yes a follow is fine. There’s no obligation in the R4R sector from your side that way. I’ll be sure to leave some comments. :slight_smile:


Thank you!


title: craving
current chapters: 4, updated daily/ 2 in 2 days
genre: fan fiction
username: spxcedream
summary: a book where kady is going to defy bellamy in every possible ways, which will made him crave her more and more.




Title: Ivory Black
Genre: Teen Fiction
Summary: Kai Haywood never thought anything of being adopted by a white family. What was the problem ? She had a stable home with two siblings and parents that loved her but that wasn’t the way Aaliyah Jackson saw it, in fact everything changed when Kai met Aaliyah. Kai soon realized she had no clue who she really was.
Link to story:
Number of chapters: 2


Accepted :slight_smile:
Adding to the list now. I’m sorry but my reading your story might be a little delayed because of schoolwork


Okay i’ve completed your story :slight_smile: If you don’t mind me asking, where are the cast from? I have no clue. :joy: I really enjoyed your story.