READ FOR READ! All Welcome! (March) (Accepting 2-3 more!)



Hello! If you are still accepting stories, I would love to get some feedback on mine.

For the payment, I’m not very familiar with fanfic, but I could give it a shot if you’d like!

Story title: The Untitled: Drifting
Username: Chonillacino
Genre: Adventure


I’ve cleared some the queue recently, so yeah i can accept new entries. I saw your story is set in the post-apocalypse, i love that setting! :smiley:

How many chapters were you wanting me to read? Thanks for saying you’ll give fanfics a shot. If you don’t like them there’s always the alternate payment.


Sorry for taking three days, i’ve only been on this thread when i’m so tired i can barely see. :joy: Anyway, i’ll give your story a shot :slight_smile: Sorry for taking so long to get to you


I don’t know if I’d call it post-apocalypse…maybe more like decaying alternate future? lol I have really big plans for this story though and I’m very excited about it. I’ve been working on it for a long time.

And to be honest, read whatever you feel like reading! 3 chapters would be great if you can manage.

Thanks for accepting the story! I’ll definitely be heading to check yours out!


Sounds interesting for the setting :slight_smile: Hope your big plans go well! I should be able to manage three chapters considering my workload from school :smiley:


No rush! Just whenever you have time.


Title- Ex- Future Queen of Salovia

Genre- Teen Fiction/ Young Adult


I am not comfortable with Fan Fictions, so I will become your permanent follower.
Being a high school student, I can understand the workload. So, for the feedback I am more looking into what do you think of the plot; if it is engaging or not etc.
I hope you like my work!


Alright, you’ve been accepted :slight_smile: I’ll add you to the queue now.

No problem with being uncomfortable with fanfiction, thanks for the understanding regarding workload, so it might be a while before i get around to reading your work. I’ll be sure to focus on plot and characters when leaving comments.

Now, how many chapters would you like read?


I guess first 3 chapters excluding first Author’s note. Or if only 2 will be also enough.


I’ll bump this to restart it

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