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Updated Offer!


I’m offering read for read and free feedback. I’m happy to read up to 3 of your chapters in exchange for reading up to 3 of my chapters.


If 3 is just too much right now, I’ll also do a 1 for 1 read and free feedback!

Want 3 of your chapters read for 3 of mine? Here are those instructions!

Please tell me in your comment
Story Title:
Which Chapters (up to 3):
Anything you’d like close attention to (i.e. character development, world building, etc):

The first 5 chapters are published (feel free to choose any three):


Please be aware of the warning I’ve placed on this work. It is rated mature. Each chapter does not contain all of the mature elements I’ve listed in the story description, but future chapters will.

Really don’t want to read something mature rated? Or only want a 1 chapter read for 1 chapter read and free feedback? Here are those instructions!

Please tell me in your comment
Story Title:
Which Chapter (just 1):
Anything you’d like close attention to (i.e. character development, world building, etc):

In exchange, please read one of my 1 chapter short stories!
Short story about a Union arm surgeon during the America Civil War. (some language)


Humorous short story about a young, rich socialite and her whip smart maid.

Whether or not you choose to give feedback on my story, I will still give you feedback on yours. If you do choose to leave me feedback, thank you in advance!

I give honest and encouraging feedback, because I love to see others be their best!

I will read any genre, any style.


Title: Perfect lies
Genre: romance
Chapters: I have four chapters published only. You can skip the third chapter^•^
Anything you think the story is in need of^•^

I will leave feedback on yours too.^•^


Title: All for Love
Genre : Romance
Status : 33 Chapters (Ongoing)
Author : @Angela-writes
Link :

Character development.

I’ll leave a feedback on yours too. If you’re interested.


Finished reading and feedback left! Keep up the good work!


I’ll read the first 3 chapters, unless there were others you’d prefer?


Thank you very much. I will read yours in the morning okki. I gotta head to bed because I got early classes :sweat_smile:


Hi there! I’ve read and left feedback on chapters 1, 2, and 3. I also read the prologue and character lists, just so I had the full picture you intended. Great job and keep up the good work!

If you want to leave feedback on my story, I would be very grateful!


Story Title: Perpetual Virginity
Genre: Historical Fiction and Spiritual
Which Chapter: Any ones you feel like

Comments: I would love feedback on if the characters seem to act realistically and if the plot is both layered and easy to read


I haven’t even started reading, but the second I saw Historical Fiction I got excited! I have a bachelors and a masters in history and I love writing historical fiction as well! I’ll be leaving comments on your first 3 chapters shortly.



Southern Saturday Nights
Genre: Romance
Which Chapters: Prologue + Chapter One
Anything you’d like close attention: Character and plot development, descriptions, dialogue. Overall flow and pacing.


Read and feedback left for you! Keep up the great work!


Genre: Paranormal Romance
Chapters: 1-3


Title: Elysia: The Wasteworld

Genre: Adventure/Action/Dystopian

Summary: The world is in catastrophe. The Great War has devastated the globe. All governments have lost their power and the systems that hold everything together are falling apart at the seams. And then there is Elysia–the last standing paradise on Earth. However, it is in a secluded place, out of reach of anyone who is ineligible of entering the city. Would Erik, a reckless blond boy with a Cadillac and Jessica, who grew up to be a ruthless, independent woman, be able to team up and reach Elysia in search of a new life and everlasting bliss?


Chapters: To 3, but you can go on if you want:)


Chapters 1-3 read and feedback left!


I am sorry if my request might sound odd. But if you accept, I will be more than happy to read your story.

Story title: My brother’s Boyfriend.
Genre: Romance.
Chapters: 4 and 5.

and chapter 1 of this one

Anything else: I am sorry for making this awkward request. But these are the chapters I want some feedback on. Please let me know if my story is accepted.



Moonlit craters
Genre: general fiction
Which Chapters (up to 3): first 3, please
Anything you’d like close attention to (i.e. character development, world building, etc): word choice (I’m a little worried I’m writing it like a structured case note versus a book), grammar (cause I keep on rereading and finding errors I somehow missed the first several read throughs)


Story Title: The Last Waker
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Which Chapters (up to 3): Chapters 1, 2, and 3.
Anything you’d like close attention to (i.e. character development, world building, etc): I am open to whatever feedback you want to offer. Thanks.


You caught me on a morning I had to grocery shop and then do cardio. But I’ll have feedback in your comments within a couple hours!



Title: Galactic Annihilation

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure

Description: With the stakes higher than ever, inevitable allies will have to team up to fight against their enemies ending in the biggest all out war ever.



Hey, you! Yeah, you! Read my book and I’ll read yours!
After waking up from a deadly bus crash, Jacob must travel far to find his family, while adapting to the new world.
I’ll also throw in a follow :slight_smile: