Read for Read (as many chapters as you read of mine)



Hello! I’ll read as many chapters as you read of mine. Please reply once payment is done :slight_smile:

I’ll read anything as long as it’s not erotica or does not support racism, sexism, bullying, etc.

This is my book:'s-secret

The first chapter is The Meeting:'s-secret-~-the-meeting-~

Thank you!


Um, Hi!
What’s the payment?


Hello! I read it all the way through and left some comments. Feel free to read as much of mine as you enjoy:’s-humanity


Hi, @DawnAshes , I have an interesting story about a wrongfully convicted man who gets out of prison, possibly makes a deal with the devil, and finds himself in a love triangle with two supernaturals. Does that sound like something you might be interested in reading? Here’s a link: INTO THE WILD DARK – This book has lgbtq characters. There’s no smut. In fact, the first 7 chapters (all that’s posted) don’t contain sexual references.


Done! I really liked A Gentleman’s Secret, btw. I haven’t dived into the thriller genre on Wattpad much, but from what I have experienced, it’s very unique writing for this site. I left more thoughts at the end, but what will stick with me is your use of detail and the care that was put into the actual story-craft and writing.

Here’s a link to mine, btw:’s-note

I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Finished reading. I liked it, I felt uneasy when the girl first went into his car but didn’t listen to it. I should have.
Here is my story:王-rewriting
Read as much as you’d like! There are only 5 chapters out at the moment.


Hello! I’ll read as many chapters as you read of my story from above. Feel free to drop me a message once you’re done reading :slight_smile:


Of course! Reading it right now.


Ohhh, sounds interesting. I would love to give it a try. Feel free to drop me a message once the payment is done :slight_smile:


Thank you for your time and your feedback! Writing this story is one of the most thrilling, enjoyable things done.

I’d love to read your story!


Hey! Thank you for the feedback. I’ll take a look at your book right now. Judging by the cover, it seems like a tale about Ancient China. Correct me if I’m wrong. I can’t wait to find out.


No problem and thanks. :relaxed:
I did use kanji for the title but it’s the japanese meaning of it that matters in this story. It’s read as Ou and is the title/name of my male main character. But I wouldn’t be against putting chinese elements in as well.


I hope you do poetry reviews :blush:
I’d love it if you’d give my little collection a try. It is but a piece of my heart!
Please let me know if you accept so I can start reading your book! :slight_smile:

Title: Collection Of Poetry
Genre: Poetry
Falling in love is a process. So is falling out of it.
This collection of mine has been written slowly over the years.
It contains not only poems, but little tidbits, snippets from my diary, musings, and philosophies of what love is and of how love is bittersweet; love is not all roses and rainbows that media makes it to be.
It explores the other side of love, one that is filled with heartbreak,hope and longing for something you’ll never have.
When the soul weeps, the heart speaks… :heart: And these words are the fruit of my heart’s blood.
I hope what I write touches your hearts, burrows in and stays for life.



Awesome, thank you! And you’re welcome, I had a great time with it.


Of course! I’d love to read it!


I’m done!


Done! You’re a master at description and characterization. Your story has an interesting psychological aspect to it. Good job!


I’ve read your book. You have a rich vocabulary and a talent in creating a story that comes to life. I hope you never stop writing, because your writing is beautiful. :slight_smile:


Thank you, thank you, thank you! That is so kind of you and it truly fuels me to keep writing. I look forward to reading more of your work because I was SO impressed by how thoughtfully crafted A Gentleman’s Secret was, and it takes a great deal of skill to create a mystery like that without making it either predictable or too vague/confusing, and especially to do it in that POV/style. You kept me hooked me!


Hmmm… so he’s a king? Interesting story and unique setting! Good job!