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Will do!


thank you for your feedback, beauty! please feel free to read and review the other chapters if you’d like :relieved: I’m still going through your chapters (as you can probably tell by my annoying ass blowing up your notifications LOL) but I love the concept so far!


Hi! Would love if you could read “After Ater” :slight_smile:
Ater was a 25 years old woman. She was a lonely, strange and suicidal musician who had always been cursed with unwanted attention.
This curse follows her to the afterlife. She embarks on a self discovery journey, aided by a mad, wandering merchant.
Unwillingly, she eventually ends up on the path to become a Soul Reaper (Shinigami).

I’m willing to read as many chapters as I can from your book. :slight_smile: Let me know if you accept.
Thank you!


I absolutely will! I get done with my tests tomorrow at 10, so I’ll read 'em then! Can’t wait!

And thanks btw!! Really appreciate you blowing up my notes haha


Absolutely I will! As I’ve mentioned in other comments, I am done with finals tomorrow at 10 AM so I’ll start reading just after then :slight_smile: I should get to yours by tomorrow afternoon, if not sooner! <3


Hi. I hope you will give my story a chance and I’ll check yours out right now :slight_smile:

It’s called Baine and this is the link:


Thank you very much.


Thanks. I really appreciate it.


Thanks!! Added to my reading list! I should get to it by today or tomorrow :blush:


Likewise :joy: I’ll definitely check it out this weekend


Haha, no worries! i love what you’re writing :slight_smile:


Hi! You can pick your poison, New Sight is a werewolf (about 7 chapters in,) and Un-Living does not have much up, but it is about Eating disorders, mental illness, and stuff like that. ^-^


Gotcha! Will do! :smiley:


Read what you’ve got of your novel still far! Really enjoying it! If you could check out a few chapters of my novel, I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile: Thanks in advance and I can’t wait to read more!


It would be a great help if anyone could over my story and see how i’m doing I’ve never done this before. Thank you.


Ok, ok, I know I said I’m closed but if ya go over and read/ comment on a couple chapters of my book, I promise to read your work by tonight. Does that work?