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I’m looking for somebody to read the first chapter of my book called ‘Marcy Lynch’. Its about a young girl who has psychosis. She’ll hallucinate both the good and the bad. Her father buys her a teddy bear named Count Bias for her eighth birthday. Throughout the story, she becomes more and more attached to the bear and their friendship grows. However, the Count is powerless against her delusions.

Its a psychological thriller.
The first chapter is about 1,300 words long and its a pretty quick read.

I will read any first chapter of your book!

Please, leave a comment on my story and comment your story here if you want to do this.
I’m fairly new to Wattpad and this is my first time doing this. Thank you!

Here’s the link…

Hi! it would be great if you could read my first chapter :slight_smile:


Do you want check out any of my stories?:grinning: - 5 chapters - 5 chapters

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Title: The Dancing Pearl
The Dancing Pearl

Summary: All Robin wanted was a gift for his little sister Marie. A beautiful Indian bridal doll seemed a perfect present…well, untill she wasn’t what she looked like. A fanasy thriller that would take you to the realm of an ancient kingdom frozen in time.

Excerpt: he night was cold and a cool wind brushed past us, playing with her veil and making her tighten her grip on my wrist. Her fingers, painted with red mehandi (a herbal red paste that Indian brides usually use to paint their hands with for their wedding) dug into my skin making me twist in pain. She seemed tense and darted towards the woods behind our house. And I? I stared into the darkness hoping it was all a very bad dream…or was it?

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i’m a feedback freak,so yes, definitely! u can in return pay a visit to my fanfic n leave some comments there :wink:


Hi! Would you mind reading the first chapter of Atomic? It’s a superhero story with themes of genetic manipulation and the responsibility girls are forced to shoulder. And nuclear radiation. Of course.

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I will start your story tomorrow and read it during daylight haha! I’m a baby

My story only has one chapter up so this would be perfect. :slight_smile: Thank you in advance.

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It would be great if you could read my first chapter!

Are you still looking for read for reads? I’d be interested in doing this.
Isaiah’s Story
Ten year old Isaiah Bradford didn’t want to move, but an unknown relative passed away and left his father a creepy house in the country. That isn’t all he left behind. Even though they never met, he left Isaiah an enigmatic gift. When Isaiah solves the riddle and opens the gift, he will embark on an adventure to a dark and perilous land. His life, and the world, may never be the same again.