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I saw you leave one comment a while ago. I wasn’t sure what it meant


I’m going through your novel, I have a few others to get through as well so I will take some time in delivering my final thoughts since its two chapters.


*Stalks * Whispers: how would it work if my first chapter was 3k and my second 4k, lol, don’t worry Jane I won’t sign up.


Then you’d have to read the Dreaded Chapter Six. Oh boy


Two? I’m reading two of yours and you six of mine, as then we have an equal amount of words read.


Sorry I didn’t understand, I thought it was 2 chapters we had agreed too. I mis-read. Okay so it is 6 chapters.

I thought it was 2 chapters to read but since your first 6 chapters make 6k words, then I’ll go ahead and comment as usual.


Another bump


Did I make it too niche by only giving 4 genres and no romance? Hm…


I now accept romance as sub plot :slight_smile:


And bump it up


Name: C.L. Smith.
Title: Of Scale & Steel
Genre: High/Epic Fantasy
Summary: The nations of magic, and machine collide in this epic Fantasy Novel by C.L. Smith. The Terisian Nation has battled Famine, and dwindling resources for decades, but now, a newly discovered continent, Eredos might yield everything they need to save their civilization. The only problem? The indigenous Dominion of Drakengarde. The two nations quickly become embattled in a war for the continent, and it is up to Ezray, a young Draken rider initiate who, along with his scaled companion, must conquer the trials and tribulations necessary to claim the Title of Drakenrider, and save his country from the Terisians, and their infernal machines. Enjoy an Epic High fantasy complete with a lore Glossary.

Disclaimer: There is violence, but no explicit sex, or gore. This book is meant for teens, and adults alike.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/169851911-of-scale-steel-book-1


X3 now you’re gonna get a bunch more! The no kissing rules gonna limit you too though, cause most romantic subplots have some kind of kissing. Maybe no in depth kissing scenes?


Vi you’re going to be the death of me…


X3 I’m only being truthful


I see you forgot to add one little thing. How many words do your chapters have?


I saw what you did and will get to it the moment I’m home :slight_smile:


Take your time!


hi how do I do this


It’s all explained in the first post :slight_smile: basically, you fill in the form, I take a look to accept/reject you, and if I accept, we make a deal and read eachothers book


can u tag me to it so I understand