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Usename: @skylerFrey
Title: Hybrid
Genre: Sci-Fi/SuperHeroes
Description: Power. Greed. Revenge. Bitterness.
What won’t a person do to get back at the people who hurt them the most? But what happens when you don’t ask for anything and a gift is given to you? And new responsibilities enter your life?
This is exactly what happened to Skyler, a selfish self-centered woman who did everything for one person and one person only, herself.
So when she receives this unexpected gift, will she embrace it? Or let it takeover her?
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I’d like some feedback on my story. Although i’m not sure how you’ll take it. The chapters are extremely long, it’s a fanfic and has a mature rating for violence at the moment. Feel free to decline if it isn’t your taste.

Username: @Arkotract
Genre: Fanfic
Link: Hero’s Descent: Act I
Blurb: No-one remembers the world before darkness overtook it. Now, only an empty void stands in its place, devoid of life, light and escape. No. Only three people survive within this world. A transformed human named Kris. A mysterious woman named Chara, and an insane jester. Together, they attempt to escape the void, but they first have to survive one another.

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username spxcedream
genre fan fiction
blurb a book where octavia is haunted by the ghost of lincoln.
link to story
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Username: missyq0814
Genre: Chicklit
Title: Ugly Cries and Whiskey Drinks
Blurb: What do you do when you catch your husband cheating? Binge drink? Get arrested? Completely snap? How about all three?
Kate’s got the quintessential southern momma, the perfect sister, and the wild child best friend. Which she’s going to need when she finds out her husband is cheating on her.
Now she’s gone from no name waitress to her towns most talked about person From destruction of property to a bar fight, she can’t seem to get it together.
And the very cute Sheriff, Will Hartley isn’t making anything easier.
Now Kate has to decide. Does she want her husband back? Or has she already moved on?


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Username: @Josiedennise
Genre: Werewolf

Blurb: Rosalind Richards is a Fire Elemental, a weapon of destruction. When given the order to murder more wolves, she flees. Stopping to rest, Rosalind encounters a familiar pack of wolves. Amongst them, the feral Alpha King. Taken to the castle, she is confronted with a difficult challenge to find a way to survive surrounded by threats.

But in Rosalind’s new life, she learns about a small leather journal. Hidden within the pages, the history of every Fire Elemental to ever exist has been sealed. The only problem is, Saruman, a witch High Priest, is also after the journal. Forced to uncover secrets of her past, Rosalind must find whom to trust and whom to push away.

Link to story:

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Genre: teen fiction
Blurb: Zora has always lived with anxiety but never put much effort into helping herself get better. After she meets someone who brings out the best in her she realizes life isn’t all that bad if you have someone to tell you everything’s okay and you can do the same for them.

Conners dad died from a heart attack. Then he moved. He found himself depressed. He didn’t want to tell his mom since she was still grieving. When he meets someone who brings out the best in him he realizes that he can feel like a kid again.

Both teens struggle with a different mental illness. Both have different pasts and not many friends. What will happen when they meet? They teach each other to grow with what they have and get over their fears.

This story is to raise awareness for those with special needs. Either mental or physical. We should all treat each other fairly. Never should we not talk to someone because they are different. We are all loved by God equally.

Link to story:'t-forget-to-smile

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