Hi guys! I am offering a read for read, feedback for feedback on any (or all) of my books! If you are just wanting to do read for read, I will need for you to leave a comment (like an emoji) to show that you read it. For feedback exchanges, the level of my comments depend on yours. If you leave generic comments, I will as well. I will need to see that you are completing mine before I start yours.


  • Violetta - Werewolf, CEO, Mafia (13 chapters. HAS TRIGGERING CONTENT!)
Summary & Link

For the past 12 years, Violetta has been abused by her father. After a botched suicide attempt, Violetta garners up the courage to run away from the only home she has ever known. She finds herself on the other side of the continent with nothing but the clothes on her back and a pocket full of money she managed to save up over the years.

Life in the Big Apple is rough for a girl like Violetta, and soon Violetta finds herself doing very questionable things to keep herself fed and housed. That is until she meets Mathias Romanov, a wealthy bachelor who is hellbent on protecting little Violetta.

However, Mathias has demons of his own he is hiding, and those demons are begging to be let out to play. Soon Violetta finds herself thrust in a world she never belonged in with a man who she never saw coming.

AUTHORS NOTE: This novel contains sexual content, drugs, and violence. Chapters will be marked accordingly.

  • Sylla - Vampire (4 Chapters)
Summary & Link

At the age of 8, Sylla (S-ILL-LA) Blackwell was kidnapped in the middle of the night. Taken to a cold room where light ceases to exist, Sylla is left to be tortured and beat down for reasons unknown to her. 10 years later, after an opportunity to escape arises, she returns home to see just how much has changed. Untrusting, afraid, and plagued with horrible flashbacks, Sylla must learn to cope and adjust to her new surroundings.

But what happens when the monsters from her nightmares and the demons from her past come back to find her? Will she accept protection from a stranger with a dark secret? Or will she find herself back in the same place she once escaped?

  • Extraordinaries - Fantasy (16 Chapters)
Summary & Link


While out on the town to celebrate her eighteenth birthday, Analyn is attacked and left for dead behind a nightclub. Except she wakes up with nothing but a few scratches and questions what exactly happened. As it turns out, Analyn stems from powerful witches known as Extraordinaries, and she may just be the most powerful one yet. To protect herself and her loved ones, Analyn must go to Blackwood Academy and train to become the witch she was always meant to be. However, Blackwood Academy isn’t as pleasant as it may seem. Danger lurks at every corner, looming over Analyn and those she loves. What will happen to Analyn on her journey to finding out who she really is? Find out with a story of magick, love, and the ultimate betrayal.


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Are we supposed to read all ths books though?

no, just whichever one you want :slight_smile:

Hello would you give my book a read ? I will happily give yours a read, I like darker reads anyway. Mine is only three chapters right now but I was wondering if you’d accept my book.
Liliana Evans used to babysit three young boys when she lived in her small hometown called Clarkson. She leaves Clarkson to only return as a high school teacher where she is teaching those exact same boys, except they seem different. A whole lot different. What happened to the sweet little ones that she grew up with and who are these bad boys that took their place?

Most importantly how will she survive with them claiming she belongs to them? Especially since she was engaged.
Together Forever

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I didn’t start reading your yet because I wasn’t sure if my book would be something you’d enjoy I just wanna know if you’d accept it and then I’ll start yours :slight_smile:


Wattpad Username: CaptainNaccho
R4R or F4F: F4F
Chapters: 2
Title: Bone and Blood
Genre: Scifi
Summary: Society is gone. Horrifying creatures known as Shifters have killed most of humanity but alas all Dmitri wants is a good friend, someone to talk too and fight the end of all humanity with.

Dmitri struggles to find the will to survive after losing his parents and best friend to Shifters. He’s tired of being alone and figures a good friend will make the end of the world seem less scary.

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Hi!! I hope I am not lateee! I’ll start reading your, I’ll let you know once I am doneee. I am up for both R4R and F4F. Here’s mine:

Title: ONCE A WALLFLOWER: When will this story be mine?

Like everybody I am a teenager who’s into watching Korean dramas, cause why not? I mean it’s nice to feel romantically excited with someone else’s story, right?

Well call me scaredy-cat but I think this is the safest way to fall in the “idea” of love without getting broke.

Mentioning the characters! They are damn so perfect, they are really the ideals. Frankly, there are some scenes we wished we experienced.

You feel me? I know.

I wonder if there’s such story for like “me.”
When will the story be mine?

First of all, I am no perfect but just an ordinary.

(English story in a Filipino setting and culture)

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Username: UpsideDownAnne
F4F please!
Number of Chapters: 4 if you can
Title: Olivia’s Curse
Genre: YA Fantasy
Summary: 20190930_113610_0000

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accepted! sounds great! will start soon!


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accepted!!! ":smiley:

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Woohoo! I will give your book a read either today or tomorrow :)!

Hey, if you are still interested in R4R here is my book


Description: He is the new hot neighbor with his cocky attitude that makes all the girls fawn for him and she is the school’s tomboy with a tough girl attitude.

She is the only one that will be able to break the big walls he lifted and will get to know the true Kyle behind the perfectly messy brown hair and those eyes that she is so drawn to.

He is the only one that will make her open up about her past and support her through thick and thin.

And together they will experience new things and fall for each other without even noticing.

(Trailer on cast)


Story link:

Trailer link:

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