READ FOR READ; feedback, I can read both English and Spanish!

Hi everyone! I am offering feedback for your book in the form of reactions and critiques! I’ll leave what I liked, what I feel like could be improved, etc. etc.

I don’t have any specific genre that I won’t read. However, if it’s erotica I won’t give in-depth critiques of any erotic scenes because I just don’t really that lol. Also, I can read both English and Spanish, so if your book is in Spanish feel free to request! However, my book is in English- so you’ll have to be able to read it to enjoy it properly lol.

This’ll work the same way most r4r’s work- I’ll read/comment on the same amount of chapters you do on mine! My books is still in-progress, but to be fair you can comment on both chapters and non-chapters! You’re comments don’t have to be too long (though I’d still like some feedback lol.) Also, please wait for me to accept your form before doing the payment! I don’t have any books I won’t read so more than likely I’ll still accept- but just to be sure :slight_smile:

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✴ amias love is the son of the greatest fire mage alive. when he enrolls in the top mage-training school, merlinus academy, he forms an unlikely bond with the son of his father's greatest enemy and a girl with a love for causing trouble. the three expect to face nothing more than cruel teachers, bad grades and failed potions, but they encounter an issue much greater. the prophecy of cerberus, a prediction that everyone perceived to be nothing more than a childish myth, calls for three souls to come together and embody the guard of hell, cerberus. the last thing amias would expect was that he and his two new friends would be those souls. with allies and foes teaming up to hunt them down, the three must rely on only each other to save their lives and possibly more.


1. The Moment We Met
2. The Heart That’s Inside
3. Here We Go Again

Do you want check out any of my stories?:grinning:

Book title: The Moment We Met
Book link:
Genre: Teen fiction

Book title: Shadowhunters - The Ever After
Book link:
Genre: Fan fiction

I’ll read the first story ^^! You’re accepted, please complete the payment and I’ll check it out!

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Payment completed.

Sorry this is so late, but I’ll get to it soon! i have a dentist appointment so I’ll start reading yours right after that!

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sorry but I’m gonna have to deny :confused: While I’m okay with reading erotic stories it’s to an extent, and I’m personally not comfortable with reading yours. Again, sorry!

Would you like to take a look at mine?:two_hearts:

Book title: The heart that’s inside

Genre: nonfiction

Sure thing! Please complete the payment and come back to tell when you’ve done it so I can get to reading yours :slight_smile: !

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Payment completed! I really enjoyed it :smiley:

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Thank you so much! It’s almost 2 AM where I am, so I’ll get to your story tomorrow when I wake up!

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Can you take a look at mines?
Book Title: Here We Go Again
Genre: Humor/ romance

Book Title: Rise of Fire
Book Link:
Genre: Fantasy
I’d greatly appreciate any feedback you’d like to give!

Accepted! please go through the payment!

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Accepted! Please do the payment!

No problem! :bluehearts:

Book Title: The Protetturi: The Beginning of the End
Book Link:
Genre: Fantasy

Accepted, please complete the payment and I’ll check it out!

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