Read for read + feedback

Hi everyone, so I’ve decided to do some read for reads. I’m willing to read the first 3 chapters of your book in return for you doing the same with my story

If we both like the books that we’re reading then we can do a more long-term read for read.

I will read just about anything but I do prefer romance and teen fictions. Also, it might take me a while to get through people’s stories since I’m a bit busy with school and other stuff but I will get round to everyone at some point.

Payement: read the first three chapters of my book Holding onto Forever

Summary: What happens when two people who weren’t ever really meant to be together end up together? To keep it simple, a ton of good memories and a load of shit.

Everly has always been a ray of sunshine and a beacon of hope, as far as she’s concerned, she needs to make people happy. Bringing a smile to someone’s face makes her feel like she’s actually doing something right in her life, and during the times that everything else is going wrong, it’s the only thing that keeps her afloat.

Until she meets Evan.

The sweetheart of West Bridge High who seems to have it all figured out. But behind his perfect smile lies a broken boy who’s scared to let his guard down too much and is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Together they quickly realise that love isn’t always what it’s made out to be and comes with a lot more sacrifices that they could have ever imagined.

But hey, what’s the worse that could happen?

Extra: I will only be able to start reading stuff from Sunday since I’m away until then, but I will be adding everything to my reading list.

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Hey! :smiley:

Book title: Last Words

Author: @erikachap7

Blurb: When Blythe’s support system falls and a tramatic experience occurs, she starts recording her life in a JOURNAL. Writing is how she vents and photography is how she captures the world, how she keeps the good moments close to her heart. Her journal is how she speaks the truth thats embedded in her heart, but will anyone hear her?

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Hi! Can i send my book? It sounds interesting. Much love
Some people get happily ever afters.

Some people don’t…

Because not everyone realizes their fate lies in their own hands.

Marilyn wishes for a better life, but every time she gets close to one, it is ripped away by those with poison in their hearts. She wishes for a knight in shining armor to come and save her from the Snakes, but when no prince comes to rescue her, Marilyn takes up arms and learns for herself how to defeat evil and injustice.

And maybe even learn how to do so yourself.

Finally it’s our turn and we will have our wrongs set right once and for all.

We will not let our enemies win once again. That time is over

Join Marilyn on her quest to stand up against those who wish to put her down.

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I’ll get round to reading yours when I get back on Sunday x

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Okay :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to exchange a read for a read!

Here’s me:

Genre: New Adult; Romance

An improbable friendship with the daughter of a wealthy real estate scion introduced NYU student Violet Wright to a world she couldn’t have imagined: palatial Manhattan apartments, elite cocktail parties, designer duds. But on the eve of her twenty-second birthday, a chance encounter with a handsome stranger threatens to derail her entire life, just as it’s starting to take shape.

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Hey! I’d love to participate - my fanfiction is called My Promise to you, by @uiiiiiuiuiuiuiuiuiiu I’ve only got one chapter, so can I do just one chapter of yours? (to be fair)
Here is the blurb:
Set between Light and Villain of the Gone series and Monster Trilogy by Michael Grant. Astrid and Sam having been dating for what seems like forever. They love each and always will. Both Sam and Astrid want to take their relationship further, and that’s what they do . . .

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I’d like to participate, my story is called: Persephone a tale from the underworld.
Pm if you are intrested.
I’m writing the story of Hades and Persephone with lots of Mythologic references, just the way I like it. I hope you might like it as well, here is a little preview:
A gust of wind dries the drops on her body and she turns around to see someone wrapped in a very heavy cape made of black feathers and long thin hair that looks covered in soft ashes.

Their eyes meet and it’s like fire and ice dancing for just a brief second.
Persephone narrows her glance. That man, so monumental and deadly reminds her of somebody.

Her mother’s voice rings in the back of her head: “Are you certain it is Poseidon the one we are in dept to?”
Realization hits her hard as the Lord of Death stands there in front of her, his golden eyes shimmering making the green forrest look rotten.

He saved her life and now is here to claim his compensation for the truble.

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Hi @obviously-me :smile: I’m interested in a read for read.

Title: The Ex
Genre: Romance
Summary: The perfect man just proposed and what was my answer? NO. I SAID NO. Why, you ask? I’m too scared to get my heartbroken AGAIN. Now we’re on an indefinite break. Until he finally comes to his senses, I have to distract myself. All I have to do is focus on running my own restaurant and making sure my best friends have the greatest wedding on earth as their maid of honour. Simple, right? WRONG. Guess who re-enters my life after 5 long years? My heart-breaker ex. He’s the best man. And he’s not about to make things easy.

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Title: Try-State Area
Genre: YA, Coming-of-Age

One of the guys that my MC gets involved with in this story is named Evan :blush:

image image

Let me know if you accept and then I’ll check out your first 3 chapters.

My chapters are shorter than yours so I’d recommend you read the first 5 (this way you can meet my Evan who comes in after midnight that day)

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Money Hearts / Teen Fiction / Click cover to start reading!

Eleanor Lockhart and Isaac Crawford must work together to uncover the motives of their old friend who’s returned with a family history lined with criminal records.

The catch?

Eleanor Lockhart and Isaac Crawford want nothing to do with one another and no one seems to know why.

Let me know once you accept so I can get to reading your book :slight_smile:

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Sure! I’ll get round to your book tomorrow!

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accepted, would you mind posting the link? thank you

Accepted. And okay no problem, can’t wait to start reading it!

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hi, would you mind posting the link? thank you

if you click on the cover, you will be directed to the story :slight_smile: i’ll get to your story asap!!

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Hey I’d love to participate if it’s not too late! Your book looks really good. If you could give Nothing But Trouble a read I’d really appreciate it! Feel free to give me feedback if you’d like! Sorry about not being able to drop a link, it’s not letting me post links yet on here but it’s on my account!

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Of course, and no worries!

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I would love to participate! For you and anyone else on this stream, just reply to my comment so we can start! Here’s mine;

Matilda and Patrick knew that their love might never amount to much because of the peace treaty between Elves and Fairies. But that never stopped them from dreaming.
But now their relationship reaches dangerous levels when the two worlds collide. Matilda’s father, the Fairy King has found out and a new tyrant threatens everything they hold dear.

This book is filled with magical abilities, Fairies, Elves, torture, romance, friendship and sacrifice. Join Matilda and Patrick on their journey to survive!

Also just a quick little thing, I have put Trigger Warnings on all chapters where I feel it necessary. Please read with caution as there is a lot of physical, emotional and mental abuse.