Read For Read [ Genuine Only ] CLOSED

That’s one hell of an extended explanation/topic but, oh well.

Sure. I’d be glad to read and give feedback.

My story can be found here: The Municipality.

The genre is Sci-Fi Mystery. This doesn’t fit exactly with the teen fiction chicklit genre that you have put in your criteria, and you are by no means obligated to read it if it doesn’t sound like something you’d be interested in.


In a civilization closed off from the rest of the world, a young mezmire girl goes missing. The authorities point their fingers at her two mezmire friends, who were the last to have reported seeing her. Her other friends take it upon themselves to find her, while the missing girl’s family are going through a nightmare, trying in vain to have hope in the police and detective.

The story is a sci-fi mystery, which deals with inequality issues between mezmires and normalems. (In a nutshell, mezmires are beings with genetic abilities and normalems are beings without them. There has been much bloody conflict in history between them.)

Thanks, I’m looking forward to reading your story!

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hey, i would love to do this! only thing is that i only have three chapters up so far so I’d be willing to have a look at three of your chapters in exchange for three of mine?

my story is called the light in your eyes.
genre: romance

summary: still grieving after her sister’s death, layla yilmaz-lee throws herself into her studies, wanting nothing more than to spend the next three years of university with her head down. to distract herself from her self-destructive thoughts, she takes up a job driving drunk students back to campus after rowdy nights out. unfortunately for her, finnegan taylor, with his playful smiles and tendency to cause trouble, is all too eager to be a regular customer.


thank you :heart:

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Hello, I myself am typing up a story with a bully in it, though it’s different from how you are approaching it (I read the blurb, looked around briefly at yours), but I feel like I can be of good use to you regardless. I didn’t post the story I mentioned in Wattpad yet, but I do have a short story that you can read in exchange for my feedback that fits with what you’re looking for. My main character there is a teen. It’s an LGBTQ+ story. Bittersweet.

It’s titled The Best of Friends.

I’ll comment like a regular reader and PM with feedback. I would like the same. Just let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll start on yours.

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@laura945 accepted. I’m looking forward to reading these books! :heart:


lol i already read it!! and its amazing girl!!!

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I’m excessively intrigued by your story.
I have to let you know, my story is a nice romance but it is not always going to be lighthearted (there are some dark parts to it).

Her Little Sister

Ella and her older sister, Gracie find a job together in the same company. Ella is elated to get a position as the CEO’s assistant and is excited about her recent rise in career, however, she doesn’t realize at first the danger that she may find herself in, however, her older sister realizes the danger, but ignores it to be able to keep rising in her career. Meanwhile, Ella becomes friends with Gracie’s ex, feeling a deep connection with him despite his severe first impressions and a dark, mysterious past.

Warning: Some violence, physical abuse, and sexual content.

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@_itz_shifana I finished reading your story (I am up to date, I mean) and have PM’ed you my feedback. It was a good read :slight_smile: . Hopefully you’ll feel the same with mine, and if not, that’s alright, it’ll still be a new experience :3

Awie, thank youuu! Means a lot. :heart:

Oh I’m up for it. Accepted. @Corrieththeler as soon as you PM your feedback, I’ll get on your book. :heart:

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Yes, thank you so much. I am on your story now. :smile:

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@laura945 done with your book.

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Your story sounds really interesting and I’m interested in exchanging. Short comments are fine for me, if that works for you. In fact there’s a little poll at the end of the chapters and if you just want to do that, it’s totally fine!

My story is Teen Fiction (YA Mystery / Romance)

When Kit’s mother clears out her daughter’s room she finds an old diary.

Kit has plans to spend the summer with her two best friends and resents new guy, Tully, joining in. But then she discovers they have something in common, an obsession with grunge music and bad boy singer, Mac Whitehead.

Tully is smitten with Kit, but Kit has eyes only for Mac, whereas Mac craves fame. Each harbours a burning desire and, according to local legend, if they can wake an ancient Celtic god of music and love, he might just grant them their dearest wish.

None of them truly believe that one night under the full moon will change their destiny forever.

Or that the price could be a sacrifice no one wants to make.

Set in Ireland in the nineties, this Young Adult love story has a Tumblr vibe.

I’ll wait to hear back from you before starting to read,


Mocha :purple_heart:

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Hello, thank you. Your book is accepted, I’ll get to yours as soon as you are done. :smile:

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Hey, are we still doing this?

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hi, yes we are! I’ll have a look at yours once I’m done with my classes for today. hope that’s okay!

Sure. :smile:

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Great, I’ll be able to read this evening!

Great, once you PM your feedback - I will get reading. :heart:

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I’m on it!

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