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Reply with your kpop story/fanfiction and I’ll read it in return for a read on my story. I’ll give some feedback and would love some on mine as well. If I really am interested in your story I’ll add it to my library and keep up with your updates and you can do the same if you really like my story. :grin:

We can help each other get those first few official views and offer support. :heart:


is this still open?


sorry for the late reply! yes it’s still open :).


is it still open? I’ll be publishing the first chapter of my Exo’s chanyeol fanfiction today. can you help me read and review it? I’ll do the same to yours.


of course. just send me the link to your story and i’ll read it


ok i’ll send. send me urs too


but can i send it here?

#8 I hope I’m correct


i’ll do it for you too!


I’m just gonna drop my link here :eyes:


ok i’ll read urs too


my story has one chapter only, i want you guys honest reviews


update more, then!!


i’ll try and find a fix day for that.




how are you


good how are you doing?


Hii guys!! I’m new to writing kpop ffs on wattpad and need support. Would you pls help me??


someone revive this


Is this topic still open?? Should I put my link below??