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Hi everyone! I am just starting in Wattpad, so I hope to support my fellow kpop fans and share my stories to you.

Title: One in a Million
Status: Ongoing
Author’s User: @real_mariebela

One in a Million:
“I don’t think it is right to say I fell in love with him. More like he tripped me and made me fall for him.”
The Korean pop industry, or Kpop, is famous for its flawless and talented celebrities. However, the life of a Kpop idol is not all glamour and fame. Quite the opposite actually. Jeon Jungkook, the center of BTS, and Park Jihyo, the main vocalist of Twice, are all too familiar with the strain and stress. As their two paths collide in a show, both must make the difficult choice: love or work?


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