Read for Read - Mature Content or Other



Post: I don’t focus on grammar but rather offer suggestions on the flow of the story. Is it rushed, is it too slow? Can I relate to the characters, etc. I will keep my feedback more on the positive side. I can offer the feedback in the story or in private message. You let me know your preference. I’m open to reading mature content or other content as well. Message me if you are not sure.

Payment would be a chapter for a chapter. You can request a minimum of one chapter or a maximum of 17 (at the time of posting). Of course, if I enjoy the book I will keep reading it anyway. Thanks for reading.

The title of my book is “When You Realize You’re a Mean Girl…and What Comes Next.”


I’ll do a read for read! I have two chapters up right now (I’m writing for the first time lol), so two chapters?


Hi! I’ve only written one story and I only have one chapter but I would love to get some feedback on what I should do with the story.


Two chapters sound good to me. :slight_smile:


I’m happy to do that for you. Once you have read the chapter send me a message with your book title and I will read it. Would you like the feedback privately or on your story?


Perfect! I’ll check it out right now :slight_smile: you can totally put feedback just right on my story. Should I do the same for you as well?


Hey! I’m basically in the same boat as u lol. Want to give each other feedback too?


If you could do it privately that would be great. I’m about to start reading your story and I’ll let you know what I think


Sounds great! I’ll read your chapter right after!




Alright, I can do that. Yes, you can do that for me as well. Unless you hate it :wink: Fair?


Deal!! I’ll start reading right now:)


I really enjoyed reading your story. Thanks for being a part of this.


Of course! I enjoyed reading yours as well!


Hey @lily1066xc are you still interested in read for reads? We can start with one chapter.

Here’s my story info below:

Author: @rhythmchyc
title: Perchance to Dream
Chapters: 32
Genre: thriller/romance
Short Summary: Hot tempered college jounalist, Katherine Miller has an electrifying encounter with a mysterious stage actor, Nicholas Phillips. When he disappears, she turns NYC upside down to try find him, putting her livelihood in jeopardy.

Your story sounds interesting, like our MCs are similar. I hope you’re still open.


Yes! Perfect, I’d love to read for read. Your story sounds super interesting I can’t wait to read!


Cool! I’ll start today.


Hi @CatherineDeynes, are you still interested in read for reads? Here’s my story info below:

Author: @rhythmchyc
title: Perchance to Dream
Chapters: 32
Genre: thriller/romance


I’d be interested! I have two chapters for my story Jaudge’s Vanquish

Do I read the chapters first for yours?


Yes, I am still interested. How many chapters did you want me to read?