Read for Read - Mature Content or Other



Fair enough. Sounds like a plan.


Hello, I’d like to request 4 chapters of my (completed) short story(only piece on my page). I can do four of yours in exchange if you would like. Tell me if this is fine and I’ll start yours!


4 for 4 sounds perfectly fair. I have 3 stories ahead of yours so I will message you before I get started. Thank you for your interest.


Could you send me the link to your story?


Great read. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I enjoyed the unique direction that you took.


Your poems are interesting. They tell a story that seems to be connected which I appreciate. It made it easy to consume each chapter. I stayed up way later than I planned because I wanted to read them all. Thank you for submitting your story for my read for read. I enjoyed it.


Yes! I’ll send it via wattpad.


Yes. That would be great.