Read for read( max 15 chapters!)

dont say the word V’!!! lol
it’s not allowed… maybe delete ur comment

read… n maybe like idk…
i wiill read n like urs!
ur book?

Read. You can comment if you feel like it (I rather hear honest comments, not forced ones, that’s why I say there is no need to comment if you don’t want to)

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@AWFrasier hey Fraise :strawberry: I see that youve posted recently, and I didnt wanna flag this, cause apparently my flags hide posts, but I think this is in the wrong category :yellow_heart:


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As several users have mentioned, you cannot offer read-for-read services in #the-cafe. You can only do so in #story-services so I’ll go ahead and move it over there.

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yeah sure… @oliviarose85 guess i understand u now!!


You can’t request doing a vote exchange or request votes as part of a service.


Heii thank you for the opportunity to share my story! <3

BLURB: Passionate Fire, intuitive Water, practical Earth, witty Air, mysterious Light, or dangerous Darkness- to which of them would you belong?
Imagine being born into a kingdom based on one of them, but being capable of more. Azara, Alek, and Aurora are born into strict worlds, not being allowed to pursue their true passion- their opposite element. The three chosen ones realize they are meant to use their force to help the repressed ones and save the world from power-hungry, dangerous suppressors. But are Azara, Alek, and Aurora strong enough to fight against the elements they are born with to create a better world?

I hope you like it;)

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Asking for votes is not allowed in the clubs as it goes against the Club Guidelines , thus, I’m going to have to edit your post :smile:

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read or read?
11 chapters/? with like?

I have 7 chapters
and sure!

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ok then u r up!

DONE!! ur turn now

Jep :slight_smile:

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Tragically Fated




Jee lives in a simple life, but a misery one at the same time. She is lonely, left with her brother. A devoted sister who’ll do anything for her younger brother who was suffering from the condition, Angel Syndrome. She’ll do everything, even if it cost her life, soul… Everything, just to longer the life of his beloved brother.

Unfortunately, in the gloomy night of winter, it should be the happiest trip of their school tour, but a woeful day for the ones who are inside that bus. It caused an accident causing to have a major casualty. After the incident, fantasy dwells in her. Jee has seen something unexplainable series of events she have never been encountered. She found herself woke up in the strange place , cluelessly thinking to be resolved. She’s not in her town. She’s not smart but not too naive not to know where she is.

What could have been happened to her? Does her body being comatose and a living stray soul?, or she has been deported somewhere she’ll never been expected to be???

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title : oblivion
fandom : the 100
status : completed :slight_smile: <3
ship : bellarke <3
blurb : a book where clarke and bellamy walk into the anomaly that can save or kill them.
this is a 1 chapter n 500 words book for a competition
n tomorrow is the deadline so I need you to read it n point out my silly mistakes
pls it might take only 2-3 minutes
btw it is in English
so pls pls @bffhiz111 @Spruce_Goose @oliviarose85 @calmwolf @Ebruwrites @teddybear6780 @RangedDecember @spxcedream
i can return ur favour

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