Hi all! I’m happy to do read for reads if anyone is interested.


  1. Read the latest chapter of my story Record Store Blues
  2. (Feel free to leave feedback while you’re reading!)
  3. Once this is done, reply below with
  4. Once payment has been received I’ll read yours!

*If you’re willing to read my other chapters as well, I’m more than happy to do the same for you :slight_smile:


You really want people to read the LATEST chapter, and not the first?

Do you read fanfiction?

Not everyone is willing to read all chapters, sadly!


Hey there, pretty sure I saw you on another thread but I’m really liking the story so far even though I usually don’t like any type of tv show spinoff type books. Can’t wait to keep reading

My book:
Title: Good Enough

Okay! I read your latest chapter!

The Ephemeral (Book One: Breeder)

You can read the first chapter or the latest, your choice!

Hi :slight_smile:
Title: The Ex


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Finished yours!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you wanna read my story?

Sure, I put your book in my library.

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Hey please give my story a read! :smiley: I will read yours as well!

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