Read for Read (OPEN)



I’m looking to do a few read for reads and hopefully find some new stories to love!

I have 11 parts written of my story (the first is a very short prologue), but I will only start off with doing 5 for 5. If we both like each other’s stories, we can discuss doing more :slight_smile:
Post your story (title, genre, and link) here and let me know how many chapters you would like to do! Please make sure I still have time to do the read for read before you assume that I can (so that I don’t get too bogged down).

Proof that you read my story is required as payment before I will read your story. (Comment on my story, send a screenshot, or whatever you want)
Thank you for your interest!

My story is called From Riches to Rags
It’s an adventure/historical fiction/fantasy type story.
It can be found here.


The title of my story is- If Tomorrow Never Comes. It’s the first book of a trilogy.
The genre is- Sci-Fi/Adventure/Teen/Young adult fiction


Can you post your story link?



I would love some feedback on my story (if you enjoy reading it, feel free to keep on reading!)

Title: The Legend of the Moonflower Princess

Genre: Fantasy, High Fantasy, Epic Fantasy


Chapters: Would 7 be alright?


Yeah that’ll work! Let me know when you’ve read mine :grin:


payment complete


Hey, just read your story. It was quite interesting!

Mine is a romance as well, but a little different in terms of tone. It is called "Remembrances of a Boyfriend (Literally) From Hell


Okay! How many chapters did you read?


I read all seven. My story is only three parts (prologue + 2 semi-long chapters)


Okay cool! I’ll try to start yours tomorrow :slight_smile:




Can i have you check out mine
Title Death: Realm of me, or is it just longings for You
Blurb: The adventure of a rookie Necromancer and her first contracted human soul.
Genre: Fantasy



Hi everyone! I’ve really enjoyed writing my story and love sharing it with people. Every read means a lot to me and every vote means the world. I’m finishing up my fourth chapter to publish tomorrow. When I write, it’s mostly putting my day dreams into words. I’m currently writing a teen fiction/romance book called “Opposites Attract” and it’s been super fun. I’m actually enjoying myself as I’m writing.

In short, this book is about a quiet girl who goes to an all girls boarding school. It’s her senior year and all she is worried about is her grades, college applications and her equestrian team. She relies on her two best friends, her horse, and watching Friends to keep her sanity during this crazy time. When she thinks she has everything figured out, a new difficult roommate gets thrown into the picture. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Author: @DillonIsMine
Genre: Teen Fiction / Romance
Updates: Every Thursday
Extra: I follow for follow and read for read :smiley:


Will you read mine and comment or something to proove how many chapters you read?


If you want to do a read for read please read my story first and comment or send me a screenshot or something as proof of the number of chapters you read.


I was only awaiting a go ahead if you were accepting


I appreciate it :slight_smile: it might be a couple days before I get to yours, so take your time!


I checed out your work and left a comment


Genre : Romance/short story/poetry

Blurb: A short story on desperation of love written in a poetic form, where a young girl falls for a elder boy who changes her to be something she never wanted to be.

21 poems to show you the journey of 365 days in the life of this young girl, from the moment she lays eyes on the boy to well…read on.

Inspired by true events.

If you wanna give it a go, (which I totally recommend lmao) link is below.