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Hi. I would like you to read chapter 20 and 21 of my story, which are the last two so far. I could read the two chapters you want me to read from your story as payment.


Title: Manumitt.
Username: @Mauricio_Ibieta
Summary: A man wakes up in an unknown world, surrounded by fantasy elements. He has lost his memory but retains certain concepts from his old world. When he realizes the advantages of having a new life, he decides to become a hero. However, he’ll soon get into serious trouble by befriending a female assassin who is running from the most feared man in that world: a cursed man who will stop at nothing to kill her and anyone related to her.
Genre: Fantasy.


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Title: Blood Rise

Username: @Amazing_Aims

~Continuation of Blue Bloods~

Domynique Pierce is trying to come back from the ashes of her disappointment. After meeting the Royal Lycan family that is her own. She comes back with Kole hopping that maybe her mate could mend and show her what family is.

Before that can happen a storm of lies and betrayals comes to surface and Domynique is caught in the middle of a war that wasn’t hers to begin with. Fighting against vampires and lycans that think it’s better for her to be dead than alive. Dominyque has to find away to find the truth and expose the reality.

It’s either that or to be killed at the hands of her own mate.

Genre: werewolf and vampire


**Title: The Altered Ones


A nuclear apocalypse. A mutated teen. Will her powers set her sister free or unleash a new era of destruction?

Raven’s heart is set on going to college and dating the boy-next-door. But in a world where nuclear fallout drains resources and mutates genes, she fears her own terrifying flare-ups will brand her as a freak and steal her hopes for the future. When death arrives at her doorstep and her little sister goes missing, Raven’s mind-bending abilities may be the only chance she has to bring her back alive.

Along with her crush, she sets out to reunite with her beloved sister. But with the military clamping down, keeping one step ahead of those who would twist her powers for evil may prove impossible. As dark forces close in, can Raven find the strength to embrace her powers or will she become another pawn in a sinister conspiracy?
Genre: Sci Fi, Dystopian


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Title: Hide

Username: @india_ink

Summary: All he wants to do is put his past behind him. But when 16 year-old Kyle Wolf moves back to Lincoln, Indiana, starting over seems impossible. In a small town where everyone knows humiliating pieces of his life, hiding behind his sexy boy persona is the only way he knows to avoid becoming a social outcast - or worse. No matter how different he wants things to be, he can’t risk raising suspicions about what goes on behind closed doors at home.

Haunted by recent loss, small town rumors of her own, and regrets from the last time she saw him, Kyle’s cousin, Eiden Colbourne, is driven to reconnect with him. But with too many secrets to hide, being vulnerable isn’t an option for Kyle. And the closer Eiden tries to get, the more both of them have to lose.

Genre: YA Contemporary Realistic Fiction


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Title: Cirque de Tromperie
Synopsis: Amélie Dubois has always been enchanted by magic since she was a child. She dreams of joining the circus and pursuing magic herself and that she does. At first, everything is grand, but soon Amélie finds there is darkness lurking behind the closed doors. Follow this descent into secrets, and the coming of age story of Amélie Dubois.
Genre: fiction

it only has one chapter so far but I would love to hear your thoughts!


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Title: Dead World

Username: @sortakate

Summary: The roles between man and machine have reversed. Androids are the dominating class and humans their indentured servants. Seventeen year-old Mar is a human just trying to survive, but when she gets caught up in the Dead World Prix, she uncovers a secret about herself that has the potential to bring balance back to the world. But she has to survive long enough to do that. Along the journey, she falls in love with android, wrecks her car/beloved companion, and finds out what it really means to be special.

Genre: Young Adult Sci-fi


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Title: : Phantom

Summary:: an angsty superhero story (still working on the blurb)

Genre:: Superhero


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