title : craving
fandom : the 100
status : posting it everyday / 2 in 2 days
blurb : a book where kady is going to test bellamy in every single way she can.



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I’d love it if you’d give my little collection a try. It is but a piece of my heart!

Title: Collection Of Poetry
Username: WhimsicalWordsmith
Genre: Poetry

Falling in love is a process. So is falling out of it.
This collection of mine has been written slowly over the years.
It contains not only poems, but little tidbits, snippets from my diary, musings, and philosophies of what love is and of how love is bittersweet; love is not all roses and rainbows that media makes it to be.
It explores the other side of love, one that is filled with heartbreak,hope and longing for something you’ll never have.
When the soul weeps, the heart speaks… :heart: And these words are the fruit of my heart’s blood.
I hope what I write touches your hearts, burrows in and stays for life.

Options: Any 2 of the below poems. I’ll leave you the choice :grin:

  1. Love, is it forever?
  2. Dreams of Flight
  3. I Want To Be
  4. 18 Days Without You
  5. Memories Fade
  6. Letting Go


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title: DOMUM - A Tale of Orphans

username: moosetale22

blurb: A secluded, old orphanage in the middle of an endless mountain range serves as home for a number of melancholy, but witty children. As eerie events stir the facility’s stagnant gloom, the children learn that there is much more that is sinister than the owner’s temperament, and that their very own purposes are far more monumental than they had ever imagined.

genre: thriller


Title: My Brother’s Boyfriend.

Username: please don’t start calling me vodka. I will leave the link instead.

Summary: When sixteen year old Pia hires a guy to play as her bodyguard, little did she know that she would get a lot more than she bargained for.

Genre: Romance, LGBT, a little comedy.


Please let me know if my story is accepted.

(Can you kindly please read the last two chapters and provide feedback. And should I read your prologue and the previous chapter?)


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Title: All for Love
Username: @Angela-writes
Summary :***
“If you’re asking if I’ve moved on, then I’ll answer… I still sleep soundly at night”

Life is a continuous struggle between oddities and “there’s no one for whom it’s well” hence we make the most dignified use of any predicament we find fate - All for love

All for love captures the traumatic moments of a family as it gradually breaks up, however the victims survived rescued by the love that binds them together.

This searing and profound book diffused with violence, sorrow and love revolves around Ivy Baxter and the past she encountered with her family

Ivy may be tolerant and submissive at first but her reticence is a deliberate ploy to amplify her power for revenge.

Through a set of circumstances, she will meet and fall in love with Max Salvador, the man who will teach her how to love and the man who can also break her heart.

Secrets will be revealed alongside the ugly truths of family violence.

You wouldn’t want to miss a book like this with other characters who won’t fail to put a smile on your face.

A subtle story about pains, new beginnings, hatred, violence, revenge and Love, lots and lots of love.

Genre: Romance.


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Title: Girlies: Teer in the Builders

Username: @SKBissett

Summary: "Teer is the most desired woman in the Builders, the country she’s lived in her whole life. She is unique. Her life is easy and simple. A wardrobe filled with the best clothes the world offers. A massive gauze canopied bed sits in the middle of her luscious room. A handsome man dotes on her and never tires of her. She never tires of him.

But, everything is not what it seems.

This story follows Teer as she comes to find just how dark her world is. She’ll struggle to stay alive and safe. She’ll struggle with what her own freedom looks like. She’ll struggle with how sacrifice and loss can change who she is. She’ll find herself and she is not the person she thought she was. And nor is anyone else."

Genre: Mature Fantasy Romance

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Hey, you! Yeah, you! Read my book and I’ll read yours!
After waking up from a deadly bus crash, Jacob must travel far to find his family, while adapting to the new world.
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